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Affordable Health Insurance Article:

Affordable Health Insurance - How To Beat The Expensive System And Save Money
By Duncan Roberts
Whether you're in the position of starting a family and looking for your first health cover or are moving further to the other end of the scale where you're more likely than ever to need to use it - health insurance is something that looms large for one and all.

But how can you find an affordable policy that covers you for those specifics you want or need without paying through the nose.

As more and more large, multi nationals buy up the smaller insurance companies and the private firms are swallowed up into conglomerates - finding such a thing is going to get harder and harder to do.

The current band of politicians soon to be garnering your votes for the upcoming presidential will be hitting you with every scheme and catch phrase they can come up with to try and get your vote, based on a fairly limp promise of “sorting out the Health system”.\

Don't believe it!

Current trend is that making more competition within the industry sector will drive prices down. However, there is more than enough competition now yet prices continue to rise. At the last estimate, 47 million Americans are currently without Health Insurance!

Not good - especially if you're one of the unlucky 47,000,000!

So what can you do about the poor options of finding an affordable policy to cover your health?

To be honest - you have two options if you don't have direct access to a company policy where you work.

1 - Is your partner in a position or job where Health Insurance is a 'perk'. If so - explore the options available of adding you and any children you may have to their policy for an additional fee.

Paying a top-up to his or her employer will be considerably cheaper than paying for a full policy yourself!

Number 2 - Look to join a group of others in the same boat who've formed a Health Group and use the collective strength to arrange and finance a group Health Insurance coverage. If such a group isn't to be found that suits - maybe consider starting your own and inviting / advertising for other individuals to join.

May mean a bit of work but hey - it's much better to have to do a bit of organising and sorting than be hit with a huge bill for necessary medical cover that could have been fairly easily arranged and in place by now!

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