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Ten Tips To Maximize Your Recovery Part Iii
By Charles Boyk
Tips six and seven of Ten Tips to Maximize Your Recovery give suggestions on what you can do to help your personal injury case in the event of an accident. Read on to learn the secrets insurance companies don't want you to know.

6. Start a file to document everything connected to your case.

Make sure you keep every bill, police report, and document connected to your claim. The insurance company has a right to see evidence of medical bills for which you are seeking reimbursement. Keeping track of your bills also ensures that you will not settle your claim without making sure you have been compensated for all of your expenditures. This is true even if you have health insurance because you may have to repay your provider for any bills they've paid on your behalf if there's a settlement.

In addition to documenting your treatment, keep track of any wages you have lost because you have been unable to work. Do not assume you will automatically get reimbursed for your lost wages. You have to get a note from your doctor if you miss work because of the injuries from the accident and you will have to get documentation from your employer about your rate of pay and how much money you lost because you weren't able to work.

7. Honesty is the best policy.

Be honest when it comes to dealing with your injury claim. Be honest with the insurance adjuster, be honest with your doctor, and be honest with your lawyer. Nothing will kill your claim faster than being caught in a lie. Your credibility will be crucial in resolving your
case, particularly if you have to go to trial.

If you are not in pain, don't get unnecessary medical treatment to drive up your bills. That doesn't mean you shouldn't follow your doctor's orders, but do not exaggerate the extent of your injuries. The truth eventually will come out, and when it does your case might become worthless. If your case goes to trial, your credibility with the jury carries tremendous value. If jurors feel you're not being honest, they won't give you the fair compensation you deserve.

You also have to be straight with your lawyer, who will not handle your case if he thinks you are lying. The attorney needs to know what is really happening with your case in order to represent you fairly and aggressively.

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