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By Catherine
Cancer, heart attack and organ failure are the biggest and most frequently claimed for illnesses on medical insurance. However, new discoveries are being made all the time and it is hoped that this reduce premiums for medical insurance as these illnesses become more manageable and treatable.

Breast cancer is one of the few cancers that can be linked to genes and one of the biggest illnesses responsible for women making medical insurance claims. However, in medical advances, scientists have identified the key gene responsible for the spread of this devastating disease to other parts of the body.

Apparently, the gene SATB1 controls how more than 1,000 other genes behave within tumour cells and when it is over-activated, this is when the path for cancer is smoothed into other parts of the body. Interfering with this gene through the use of specific drugs would halt the march of cancer through the body, helping over 44,000 women in the UK every year.

Further news from the world of medicine includes news that experiments are being carried out that will cause tiny pieces of skin to grow into the chameleon-like ones in embryonic stem cells. They could then be deliberately formed into heart cells and transplanted onto heart attack victims. This is hoped to prolong the life of tens of thousands of victims every year and improve the quality of their life.

These repair kits could also be used to test drugs on and would also reduce the risk of side effects on treated patients. The patient's own cells could be used omitting the risk of rejection or a bank of cells could be set up and on standby. Unfortunately, due to lack of testing to date, it is
thought that this treatment is still at least a decade away.

When it comes to organ failure claims on the books of medical insurance companies, this is also quite high. But once again, there is good news emerging for sufferers. As with a lot of illnesses and diseases, early detection is the key and doctors are being made more aware of the signs and symptoms to look out for to cope with these problems before they become out of hand.

Kidney failure is often blamed on other things and goes for a long time undetected. But now it has emerged that long term tiredness and being overweight are simple symptoms that should make a doctor sit up and take notice. Tiredness and being overweight are very general symptoms that are frequently put down to lifestyle or the ageing process but it is advisable to get a second opinion if you are not happy.

Always better to kick up a fuss with your doctor than get to a point when claiming on medical insurance is a necessity.

In a record operation, doctors have recently carried out six kidney transplants simultaneously. It took nine medical teams a total of ten hours to perform the transplants on six patients. Friends and relatives of the sick people had come forward and offered themselves as donors but when it was found they did not match their relative, but another of the group, a mass operation was set up.

The operations were done at the same time to avoid anyone backing out once their loved one had received their new organ and so far, all is well. Some of these patients have lived for years on the organ donor waiting list and, unable to work, have survived on medical insurance payouts.
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