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Three Seconds Or Its Junk! Leap Out Attacking Reader's Conscience
By Donald Yerke
A competition war is started whenever your intended client reaches for the stack off mail. Many are glanced at 1 second before entering the trash pile. Your sales offer has a maximum of only three seconds to go into the glance over stack. Can your offer enough attention just by the headline to be saved?

Your sales offer has 3 seconds to not only to grab the readers' attention, but to hold it. If not the sales letter you are counting on to deliver leads response will be reduced to the level of junk mail. It costs the same to get attention as to not. That's why some razor-sharp advertisers can pull in a 3% response rate, while others are lucky to get ½ of 1 percent responding.

Take your choice. Spend extra time putting on first class stamps, use advanced and fast first class mail, or have a mail house use bulk rate postage on your mailer. Their will be minor difference in your results., or (4) even if the address were handwritten out.

You have many choices when choosing the medium for your sales message. These include low cost postcards, attractive envelopes and easy to use tri-fold mailers. The letter message could be professionally written. Your advertising piece can be personally written by you. Just make sure it contains few product details, all with an explanation how they will benefit the client.

All of these options only account for a five to ten percent variance factor in your final results.

A target refined list accounts for 40% to 60% of your response rate capability. Why purchase a high quality list of likely prospects if you can not get their attention? There is not hold back time, after three seconds your sales piece will compel the reader to read more, or it will be tossed out.

The letter should always be short and be able to hook the insurance agent without using gimmicks. Never say 'it's the best' as every competitor says that and feels like that.

Your headline is the make it or break it point of your insurance agent advertising piece. Stop after writing your headline and any sub-titles. These 25 words or less are the key to your mail campaign's success. Rewrite as many times as needed until you feel the first couple lines are going to attract attention and then entice reading on! Use stunning adjectives and compelling verbs.

The headline is so important that you should write 3 compelling headlines, and have
some associates or friends determine which inspires them the most. Remember to appeal to the recipients emotions, especially of fear, greed, or personal ego, all are very important.

Here's two headline examples for a multi-level sales marketer seeking distributors, "Introducing our innovative barn burning product with limited sales territories.Imagine if you could steal your competitor' best clients. Convince yourself you can, then use maximum impact phrases that cause them to respond. "Immediately start with free verified and quality tested leads."

Using descriptive adjectives and compelling verbs and adverbs, called power words, charge up interest.. It's actually quite easy and fun to write a winning headline Feel free to steal energy and motivation from this sample listing of power words and phrases that squeeze action.

Try out: leader of the pack, distinguished, remarkable, open more doors, guaranteed, instant commissions, revolutionary, new market leader, 2 products in 1, exceptional, ticket to success, limited offer, superior, attractive, advantage, shift gears, discount, expires, score big, secrets revealed, unlock doors, save this card, potent, see for yourself, instant results, priceless value, pace setter, time for a change, take the lead, good as gold, endorsed, get it all, climb the ladder, throw out the manuals, instant bonus, reserved, grand, dreams come true, unsurpassed, and money maker

Use a killer phrase in your next headline, and watch your results jump the hurdle. Remember your piece must grab attention quickly to pay out worthwhile results.

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Don Yerke started his career as a new rookie insurance agent, and worked his way up to an independent sales product marketer. Then he founded Agents Insurance Marketing USA, Inc. and is now the firm's adviser. The profitable firm provides marketers with the most refined lists of agents. Visit View over 150 pages of insurance recruiting and sales marketing articles, tips, writing, lists, reports, and news.

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