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Trauma to the inside of the mouth commonly triggers canker sore (mouth ulcer) outbreaks. Suprisingly, what we may consider normal behavoir actually traumatizes the inside of our mouths. To dramatically reduce your changes of developing canker sores you should:

Stop Brushing So Hard

Nearly two out of three people apply too much pressure when brushing their teeth. The problem is that most people do not realize that the pressure they are applying while brushing is too great. The inside of the mouth is damaged as a result, triggering the formation of canker sores (mouth ulcers).

It is incredibly hard to stop applying too mush brushing pressure. We may be able to stop for a day or two, but quickly return to our old habits.

Think of it as driving a car with no speedometer. It is nearly impossible to know how fast you're going and very easy to exceed the speed limit.

The Alert Toothbrush lights up to protect you from canker sores (mouth ulcers).

Certain electric toothbrushes like the Braun 3D contain pressure sensors that shut the toothbrush off when you apply too much pressure.

A less expensive option is the Alert toothbrush. The Alert is shaped just like a regular toothbrush. When you exert too much pressure a small biosensor lights, alerting you to the danger.

With the Alert you'll soon be brushing with the proper pressure, dramatically reducing your chances of developing canker sores.

Stop Biting the Inside of Your Mouth

Many people bite their lip or inside of their mouth. Like brushing too hard, this can trigger the formation of canker sores. We encourage people not to bite the insides of their mouth or the sides of their lips. Many people do this as a nervous habit.

Others tend to bite the insides of their mouth while sleeping. For these people, we often suggest that a mouth guard be worn during sleep. This is often very effective at preventing further oral trauma.

Avoid "Crunchy" or Hard Foods

Hard, crunchy foods can nick the inside of the mouth, initiating the formation of canker sores. We strongly encourage people to stay away from foods like potato chips, pretzels, cut apples, and hard candies. People should also avoid biting or chewing pen caps, small pastic objects, or anything else that might nick, abrade, or otherwise traumatize the oral tissue.
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