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Uncontrolled stress can cause severe medical problems including migraines, high blood pressure, heart disease, and gastric/intestinal disorders. Not surprisingly, stress has been implicated as a major factor contributing to canker sores (mouth ulcers).

We all feel stress at one time or another. Stress is simply the body's reaction to perceived threats or harmful stimuli. In response, the body increases heart rate, increases blood pressure, and releases a host of cytokines and other chemicals.

While stress is meant to be a protective mechanism, in today's society, we often experience so much stress that it can become dangerous to our health.

Several studies have shown an increased incidence of canker sores among groups that are highly stressed. Medical students and dental students, for example, lead an extremely demanding and stressful life, and suffer with canker sores to a much greater extent than the rest of the population.

We advise people susceptible to canker sores to reduce the stress in their lives. With the fast paced demands of daily life reducing stress is often easier said than done. Its well worth the effort, however, since reducing stress has other health benefits as well.

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