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SuperSmile Toothpaste

If You Treasure A Beautiful Smile, Then Help Is At Hand

Experience The Unparalleled Whitening Power of SuperSmile Toothpaste

SuperSmile toothpaste is guaranteed to give you a more beautiful, brilliant smile. Developed by renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Irwin Smigel, SuperSmile toothpaste uses a unique, scientifically developed formula to create simply stunning smiles.

How It Works

Normally, our mouths cover tooth enamel with a clear colorless layer of protein known as the pellicle. Like flies to flypaper, plaque and stains stick to this protein pellicle blotching our beautiful, white smiles in the 

SuperSmile Toothpaste

Brightens teeth dramatically better (2.7 times) than the leading toothpaste

The number one recommended whitening toothpaste among cosmetic dentists who bleach teeth.

Removes stain-grabbing protein pellicle 46 percent more effectively than popular tartar control toothpaste.


Wonder why your mouth feels so smooth and fresh after a dental cleaning? Its because your dentist removes this protein pellicle during the cleaning.

SuperSmile is the first toothpaste with Calprox, a clinically proven whitening agent. Calprox gently dissolves the protein pellicle, removing stains and plaque in the process. As a result, your smile shines. SuperSmile's long lasting formula contains baking soda for a fresh, clean smile and fluoride to fight cavities.

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results you get with SuperSmile toothpaste.

The Safe Way To Whiten Teeth

Many whitening toothpastes contain abrasives which scratch away stains and plaque. The problem - the abrasives may scrape away tooth enamel as well, leading to tooth sensitivity and ruined smiles. Tooth enamel can never be replaced.

Because SuperSmile toothpaste uses Calprox which gently dissolves away the protein pellicle, it contains no harsh abrasives. In fact, SuperSmile is so safe that it can even be used on bonded or veneered teeth.

Try SuperSmile Absolutely Risk Free

 A beautiful smile has never been so easy and now you can try SuperSmile toothpaste risk free.

If you're not completely delighted with the results you get with SuperSmile toothpaste, return it for a complete, courteous refund. This risk free offer has no time limit. Feel free to return SuperSmile 1 week, 1 month , or even 1 year later if it does not live up to your expectations.

How can we offer such a liberal return policy? Since offering this no risk offer, less than .5% of people have returned their order. That's less than 1 in 200 people who order SuperSmile - a testament to the true whitening power of SuperSmile toothpaste.

You deserve the best smile possible. Try SuperSmile toothpaste today. You get one large (4.2 oz) tube for $19.95 or 3 tubes for $39.95. Join the thousands of people who have uncovered a beautiful new smile with SuperSmile toothpaste.

Or, save even more by purchasing the complete SuperSmile White Smile System that contains SuperSmile mouthwash, toothpaste, dental floss, and tongue cleaner.

Don't you deserve the best smile possible. Try SuperSmile toothpaste today.

100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results you get with SuperSmile toothpaste.