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SuperSmile Mouthwash

If You Treasure A Beautiful Smile, Then Help Is At Hand

SuperSmile Advanced Formula Mouthwash is the first mouthwash that brightens, whitens, and cleans with Calprox, baking soda, and fluoride.

Normally, our mouths cover tooth enamel with a clear, colorless layer of protein known as the pellicle. Plaque and stains stick to this protein pellicle darkening our beautiful smiles in the process.

The Calprox in SuperSmile mouthwash gently dissolves the protein pellicle removing stains and plaque from our teeth. The result - an extraordinarily clean, smooth and bright smile.

SuperSmile mouthwash comes in 60 small, convenient packets. - (60 packets are equivalent to five 12 ounce bottles of liquid mouthwash ) Just tear off the top and add water.

Now you can have clean, fresh breath wherever you go. Never be caught off guard with the yuck mouth again. Throw a few packets in your desk drawer, in the glove compartment, or in your purse.