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Worthwhile Places To Visit In Guildford- Part 1
By Ralph Ramah
There are numerous interesting places that one could visit in Guildford. Guildford has become a tourist attraction and as well represents a place with a marvelous history. Lets have a look at some of the places worth having a look in Guildford.

The Guildford House Gallery was built in the 17th century. It has many features such as unique panelled rooms as well as painted ceilings. The Guildford House Gallery can be considered as a place where the local artists mostly craftsmen and painters showcase their art. The gallery also contains the pastel portraits painted by the Guildford born artist, John Russell. Additionally, the Guildford House Gallery contains a gift shop filled with beautiful greeting cards and crafts made by the local people.

Since you are in Guildford, you may want to have a look at some of its historical buildings. One of these is the Abbots Hospital. The place is an almshouse which is used as a home for elder people residing in Guildford. It was constructed during the year 1619 by a man called George Abbot who was the Archbishop of Canterbury during the reign of James I. The building at first could only lodge around 20 people but during the year 1984, further construction was done to accommodate more people. Also, the Common Hall, which contains furniture more than 3 centuries old is still used by Guildford locals. You might be wondering how to go there. Do not worry. You may take a tour to visit the Abbots Hospital. v are normally organized during the months of April to September.

Another place worth visiting in Guildford is the Great Tower. The Great Tower has finally opened its doors to visitors
after major renovation. The building has been made more accessible to visitors as new features have been added such as floors and a roof. Once on the roof, one could admire the sublime beauty of Guildford, seen as a panorama from the top. Moreover, you could even choose to take the free guided walks of Guildford. The walk may take around 70 to 90 minutes but during this time you may discover the magnificent history of Guildford.

Furthermore, a booking service for groups is also available throughout the year in Guildford. The walks are accompanied by a Guildford town guide. Normally, people who take the tours are requested to make a donation of around GBP 2. Such tours can be arranged for both small and large groups as well as for disabled persons. You also have a selection of tours form which you may choose. These include Georgian Guildford, Victorian Guildford, Lewis Carroll and Guildford and Historic Guildford among others.

In addition to, the Guildford Museum can be yet another worthwhile place to visit. The building dates back to the 17th century and is adjacent to the castle grounds. It contains an archeology gallery which shows the evolution from the medieval times to the recent times. Also, the history gallery shows the artworks made by Guildford locals as well as an excellent assortment of needlework. Exhibitions are often carried out throughout the year.

Sanjou is a freelance writer who writes articles for Guildford (Guildford) Eye, an innovative local community website

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