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Moonlighting Photography Of Las Vegas - Everything You Need!
By Randy Wilson, Sat Dec 10th

Nicole Pursell takes pride in her role as one of the Las Vegasphotographers that maintains a growing list of satisfiedcustomers.

Testimonials from happy customers comment on the professionalismexhibited by Las Vegas photographer Nicole and her partner,Summer, and the speed with which the prints were processed. ThisLas Vegas wedding photographer knows how to do things right andoffers a complete line of services, includingintimate shots and last-minute adjustments. She can help youmake decisions about lighting, setting, and arrangements to getthe best outcomes for your wedding photography.

Las Vegas is a commercial enterprise in this areawith many services to choose from, but Moonlighting knows how topersonalize and customize your ceremony to make it last forevervia the delightful images and prints that are captured on film.Any photographer in Las Vegas can take pictures, but only anartist can create beauty, and that is what Moonlighting does.Imagination is a specialty.

As might be imagined, prices vary widely. You can purchaseindividual 4x6 reprints for $3 each. Thank-you cards are $1 witha minimum order of 25. A 10-page scrapbook that holds 20 4x6'sis $200. A 10"x10" leather-bound coffee table album is $550,with a montage of images on 10 pages. A 12"x16" clothbound costs$400, while medium albums holding between 10 and 20 pages andcosting $400 to $600 holds 20

to 40 5x7's. The large album, with10 8x10's and 40 5x7's, is $800. A custom made scrapbook isavailable for about $300.

Additional services include duplicate or "second" photo albumsfor the parents (or in-laws), with $50 off the second album. Youalso can purchase gift certificates for engaged couples. Paymentoptions include visa and other credit cards.

When contacting a photographer in advance of the pre-wedding orwedding shoot, have some ideas ready to discuss. Also give somethought to the photographer's ideas since she has been in thebusiness for some time and has a knack for what will work bestin certain settings.

Whatever your wedding plans in this exciting region, don'tforget to line up an experienced photographer who will capturethe highlights of your experience and provide unforgettablememories for future generations.

You can visit Moonlighting at MoonlightingPhotography of Las Vegas Moonlighting Photography

Las Vegas, NV 702-460-8785

Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

About the author: Copyright Randy Wilson, All Rights Reserved.

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