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The Future Photographer
By Jared Behunin
The movement to digital promotion is being seen in all industries. If you aren't trying to pitch your products and services online these days, you are missing the boat. There's a huge opportunity for you that needs to be recognized. I hope to show you one simple way to start promoting yourself and your services online.

I love to read up on the latest and greatest in the world so I've set up some "Google Alerts" for phrases like "Photography Business" as well as about 20 other related words and phrases. During Google's very efficient and nonstop crawling of the internet, each time they see a website that mentions my Alert phrases, they send me an email. I read about 30 sites each day on photography. Without a doubt, most Alerts I get in my inbox send me to blogs. Unfortunately, the world of static (unchanging) web pages is quickly disappearing.

I'd recommend that photographers, who are looking for that edge or looking to keep up with those who already have an edge, should start blogging.

Here are some basic tips for starting a blog:

1. KEEP IT SIMPLE. You don't have to write a novel each time you post. Just write a few good paragraphs. There's no rule that says you have to write 10 pages each day.

2. DON'T BE AN OBVIOUS SALESMAN. Although your blog will ultimately
become your best sales tool, don't try to sell you product in every post. If your readers get the impression you are selling them every time they read your post, they'll lose interest. Just provide good information and you'll keep them reading.

3. FIND YOUR NICHE. Find something you are passionate about (your niche) and write. There's nothing tricky about it.

4. BE CONSISTENT. A rookie blogger will make 30 posts in the first week and then wait 3 months to make another. Just write a few times a week and before you know it you'll have some great content that your customers will like AND that the search engines will love.

5. BE PATIENT. If your web traffic doesn't double next week, don't be shocked. Patients is part of the game. Your long term rewards will be worth it.

I hope that these simple steps help you join the digital/blogging movement. With all the resources available to us as photographers, there's no reason why we should miss the opportunities to promote ourselves and services online.

Jared Behunin is the President and Founder of His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for have made him an expert in starting and growing businesses

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