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photography Article:

Picking Your Wedding Photographer.
By Edward Mercer, Sat Dec 10th

> When it comes time to pick your professional weddingphotographer you will want to make sure you do your homework.Your photographer will be the person you deal with more thananyone else involved in your wedding. They will be the one youwant to feel the most comfortable with because they are with youthe whole day. An experienced photographer can direct everythingabout your day from beginning to end.

If you like their work and feel comfortable with them, they canbe your calming force during the fast, hectic pace of thewedding day. They will be a personal assistant to help you aswell as take great photographs. They will also make sure thateverything moves along so you do not miss the experience of theday.

After the wedding they are one

of the few people that youcontinue to work with as you create your wedding album.I thinkyou should also hire someone who is doing digital photographyand handles most of their digital enhancements of their work. Aphotographer who is proficient with photoshop and digitalenhancement is a major plus, as they can do anything imaginableto your images.

So try and hire someone who you like and get along with, someonewhose photographic style you like, and someone who does most oftheir image enhancement after the event. If you can find aphotographer who is all of these things then you will be assuredof a successful day, as well as wonderful images, and a friendwho will record all the important events in you life.


About the author:Ed has been a professional wedding photographer for almost 30years. Ed and his wife Susan have been featured in TheProfessional Photographer and had their pictures published inmany other magazines.

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