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Pioneer Photo Albums Article:

Art Portfolios At Saathi Gallery
By Saatchi-Gallery
At Saatchi Gallery all Primary and Secondary schools are now able to create school profiles and display artwork created by all pupils between 4-18 years old. The portfolio of an artist plays an essential role in deciding the success of the artist and evaluating the business. An impressive art portfolio can ensure the acceptance by renowned art colleges and win scholarships for the artist.

The Portfolio Schools Prize has also been launched, and is open to all schools around the world. A panel of art critics will choose their favourite works each year. A first prize of 10,000 will be awarded to the winning schools art department. A further 2000 will be given to the winning pupil to be spent on computer and art equipment. There will be two runner-up prizes of 5000 each awarded to the second
and third place schools with a further 1000 to each of the winning pupils.
Apart from maintaining diversity to ensure the right impression, art portfolios must be clear and properly organized. The artist should ensure that the paintings are well dried, before including them in the portfolio. They need to be labeled properly, including the name and address of the artist.

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