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Photo Training Article:

Still Life Painting: The Perfect Moments Captured
By Doug Ames
The beauty of nature

Nature has fabulous things to offer us more so when we talk about paintings. With an oil painting you can capture the stillness of a butterfly on a flower, the tiger waiting to hunt it's prey and much more. In fact still life painting offers depth and beauty that cannot be compared with an ordinary photograph. Fit for display in an art gallery such paintings are true works of delight. You can capture some of the best aspects of nature in such paintings.

Give something special

Vacations arent just for laying around. This holiday, why not gift your wife and family something truly unique? A painting can make for an excellent holiday gift which is sure to bring back all the good times together. You could capture your family visit to the zoo in a still life painting and thus relive all those memories
again. With an oil painting every moment comes alive with detail. Plus by giviing such a unique gift, you show how much your family means to you. You get to celebrate your togetherness and happiness.

Mesmerizing works

You can capture some of the best moments with a still life painting. Most of these paintings have amazing depth and detail and highlight the lesser known aspects of nature. No photograph can ever compare with the uniqueness and classic appeal of an oil painting. These make for some of the most fantastic works of art. You can hang these in your living room or even in the guest room. That way when guests visit your home, you can show off your paintings to them with pride!

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