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German Artist Thoralf Knobloch Biography And His Exhibitions At The Saatchi-gallery
By saatchi_gallery
German artist Thoralf Knobloch presents a group of paintings based on his observation of the environment in and around his native Dresden. Knobloch works directly from carefully composed photographs, exploring the process by which reality is transformed into image through the material process of painting.

Born in Bautzen
Lives and works in Dresden


Zweifel und Ruhe, Wilkinson Gallery London
Landpartie und Kuckucksruf, Galerie Michael Neff, Frankfurt/Main
Streif-&Jagdzge, Galerie Gebr.Lehmann, Dresden


Fehlfarben, Galerie Neue Meister, Glserne Manufaktur von Volkswagen Dresden
Future/five artists from Germany, Sandroni.Rey Gallery, Los Angeles
Painting Show, Anthony Wilkinson Gallery, London
Galerie Michael Neff featuring Galerie Gebr.Lehmann, Frankfurt/Main

Thoralf Knobloch works the subject and any suggestion of narrative become secondary to the formal elements of the
painting, so that a work such as Blaue Baracke, 2004 is less a sociological comment on the scarred landscape of the former Eastern Germany than a meditation on composition, form and colour. Despite this, these paintings invite the viewer into the pictorial space,He is particularly interested in the way in which painting ultimately involves turning experienced reality into constructed abstraction through the framing of the subject, the transference of photographic composition onto canvas, the selection of colour and finally the application of the paint, each step a conscious departure from experience.

View Thoralf Knobloch paintings, biography, solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and resource of Thoralf Knobloch artist. View art online at The Saatchi Gallery - London contemporary art gallery. Thoralf Knobloch

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