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"Why flossing is an absolute must in preventing the severe consequences of gum disease"

Why YOU don't do it

One of the most important weapons against gum disease is flossing. Most people who have gum disease do not floss properly. You miss nearly 40% of your tooth surfaces when you brush without flossing!! Imagine washing only 60% of your body, while missing the other 40% day after day. Sooner or later, people will notice.

The same thing happens in your mouth. Bacteria continue to build up in the areas you miss everyday, leading to gum disease. Dentist suggest that you floss at least once a day, night time is best, but it is better to floss each time you brush.

Many people don't floss because they don't like the mess. Yet several new products make flossing quick and easy. If you have trouble flossing or if you just do not like to floss, try using an oral irrigator.

Oral irrigators are an easy alternative to flossing. They produced a pin point stream of water which you can use to clean between teeth and beneath the gum line. When you combine oral irrigators with special anti-bacterial rinses like ClosysII Mouthrinse, you have an extremely powerful weapon against gum disease.

The Braun OralB 3D / Braun Oxyjet oral irrigator combination unit is a great value because it combines an electic toothbrush with an oral irrigator into one convenient money-saving unit.

Electric flossers are also easy, convenient ways to floss without the mess.

REMEMBER: Dentists tell you to floss, but they make a lot more money when you don't.

In addition to brushing and flossing, make sure to:

Visit Your Dentist Twice A Year
Your dentist plays a crucial role in the prevention of gum disease. Although some people experience bleeding gums, loose teeth, or bad breath when they have gum disease, for others, gum disease is often "silent". This means they may not experience any pain or other symptoms until significant damage has occurred. During routine checkups, your dentist can detect gum disease early and remove tartar build up. Early intervention can effectively treat gum disease, protecting your health.

Next... We'll look at incredibly effective tools that help you fight gum disease

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