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"The simple things you can do to completely prevent gum disease"

It's easier than you think!

While the consequences of gum disease are severe: bleeding gums, extremely bad breath, lost teeth, increased risk of premature births, heart attacks, and strokes, gum disease can be easily prevented.

Flossing and brushing correctly, however, are the cornerstones of gum disease prevention. Yet, almost everyone fails miserable at these tasks, making themselves susceptible to gum disease.

Brushing Your Teeth:
This may sound easy but most people do a horrible job brushing their teeth. It takes a full 2 minutes to brush all of your tooth surfaces, however, most people spend 30 seconds or less when brushing!

As a result, they miss the same spots in their mouth day after day. Here, bacteria build-up to dangerous levels, creating a great risk for gum disease. The next time you brush, take along a timer to make sure you brush for 2 minutes. You will be surprised at how long it seems. Make a conscious effort to brush ever single tooth.

Unfortunately, manual toothbrushes cannot reach bacteria in one of their favorite hiding places - right below the gumline. Electric toothbrushes (plaque removers) like the Braun OralB 3D electric toothbrush remove bacteria below the gumline where manual toothbrushes can not reach.

As a result, they represent a great advance in gum disease protection. Although these electric toothbrushes cost more, the extra protection and peace of mind are well worth the price.

For the best protection against gum disease, we highly recommend the Braun OralB 3D / Braun Oxyjet oral irrigator combination unit (pictured to the left). This is a great money saver as it combines the Braun OralB 3D electric toothbrush with a Braun oxyjet into one convenient money-saving unit.

Next... We'll see why flossing is an absolute must in preventing the severe consequences of gum disease

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