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Live Currency Rates Article:

E-currency Exchange Trading
By Timothy Rohrer, Sat Dec 10th

Copyright 2005 Timothy Rohrer

If you are reading this article you are probably one of the manypeople who have spent countless hours searching for unique waysto make money on the internet. Very few people have gone on tosucceed and most have failed miserably time and time again. Sohow are some people succeeding? The answer is quite simple; theyare finding a business that works with their specific strengthsand needs. The majority of people today trying to get into thehome-based business industry are not salesmen and geniusmarketers. People fiddle around looking in all the wrong placeswasting loads of money on advertising that isnt working andE-books that promise wealth.

It took me five years to find a business that did not involvingselling, building a down-line or that required me to recruitmore people. That is when I stumbled across e-currency exchangetrading.

So what is it then? E-currency exchange allows users to build afinancial portfolio through a complex system of thousands ofpeople exchanging funds from dollars to electronic currency.There are two sides to the trading system, the portfolio sideand the console side.

Initially users can create a portfolio that receives 1.5% to4.0% gains per day on the amount of money

in the portfolio. Forexample, if you put in $1,000 and received gains at a rate of3.5%, your profits for one day would be $3.50. This money iscompounded daily and grows continuously over time. It is notuncommon for people who initially invest $100 to grow theirportfolio value to $1000 in 1 month. It is easy to see that overtime there is money to be made here.

Once you have been in the e-currency exchange program for 90days and your portfolio has grown to a value of $5000, you areable to apply for a console. With a console you can now processrequests from people that wish to take their money frome-currency and convert it back to the dollar or from the dollarback to e-currency. Console holders receive a percentage of thetotal amount exchanged as profit. Usually people take thatprofit and reinvest back into their portfolio.

The only down-side is learning how to navigate through thee-currency network which is extremely difficult withoutassistance. Most people try it out for a few days, becomefrustrated and quit because they simply do not know what theyare doing. There are plenty of resources available if one justtakes the time to look for them.

About the author:Learn how Tim Rohrer turned $100 into $1,500 in 32 days tradinge-currencies. Feel free to contact us at anytimevia phone or e-mail.

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