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Currency Analysis Article:

Work At Home E-currency Exchange Trading
By Timothy Rohrer, Sat Dec 10th

Copyright 2005 Timothy Rohrer

It seems as though everyone in todays world wants to work fromhome. However, working at home requires that you have some kindof service to offer or product to sell. The truth is most ofthese work from home businesss usually require you to buy aproduct or e-book and the actual business you try to createbecomes the resell of the e-book or product you originallypurchased. I never would have dreamed that it was possible toforget about all the selling, recruiting and the building of adownline to work from home and be successful until I stumbledacross e-currency exchange trading.

Statistics show that 95% of people that try to start a homebased business fail. This is mainly due to the fact that thesepeople are not looking in the right areas and finding theprogram that fits their needs. E-currency exchange tradingallows users to work this business without selling, withoutrecruiting, without a downline and from anywhere in the worldthey choose.

It is possible for anyone to be successful in e-currency tradingif they invest the time and energy into educating themselves one-currency exchange trading. Typically there are a number ofmanuals on the internet available to anyone wanting to getstarted in electronic trading and they contain valuableresources that will make ones life much easier and greatlyenhance their profit potential.

The first way to make money in the global e-currency system isthrough

a portfolio. Initially the user makes an investment andthe user will receive .3% to .5% gains per day on their initialinvestment. For example, if you invested $1,000 each day youwould profit $5 based on .5% gains. Total this value up over thecourse of one month and that is $150.00 in profit.

The second way to make money is through a console. One can applyfor a console after having been in the system for 90 days andtheir portfolio has reached the $5,000 mark. With a console auser can process out-exchanges and in-exchanges for other usersthat are involved in global e-currency network. Eachout-exchanged processed the user will receive a percentage asprofit on the amount they out-exchanged. There is no need toworry, account holders are constantly requested out-exchangesand in-exchanges by the hour and moving funds from and to theire-currency bank accounts. As a console holder you can choose todo whatever you want with the profits, out-exchange it and spendit in the real world, or reinvest into your portfolio.

The global e-currency exchange network has made it possible forpeople to work at home all across the globe without the hassleof selling or recruiting more people. E-currency tradingrequires very little time with the potential to receivesubstantial profits in a very short time frame. Plenty ofmanuals and resources are available to help one get started inthis business.

About the author:Tim Rohrer is an established publisher involved in e-currencytrading. Find out how Tim Rohrer turned a $400 investment into$3,000 in just a few months.

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