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Exotic Currencies Article:

International Online Shopping In Any Currency
By T. Kruger, Mon Jan 2nd

Orbital VX Corporation has launched the Beta version Through this site, online shoppers are ableto view prices and shop online in their own currency. This is abreakthrough development from the Orbital VX team, whoconstantly strive towards making the internet shopper's life alittle less complicated.

More than $20 Billion worth of internet transactions is lostannually - A direct result of potential shoppers not being ableto view prices in their own currencies, and/or have goodsdelivered to international addresses.

"Not being able to shop online in your own is one ofthe biggest obstacles in the way of International B2C trade",says AJ Vermeulen, CEO and Founder of Orbital VX. He continues:"The Internet was described as making the world smaller andeliminating the natural barriers associated with InternationalB2C trade. To date, however, the Internet has not yet deliveredon its promise - The consumer wants better service, more varietyand cheaper prices. This has set the stage for a global onlineshopping revolution."

So how does work? empowersinternational Internet shoppers to view and shop any site in theuser's selected currency. This enables users

to automaticallysee the prices of products or services from internationale-commerce sites in their selected without the need formanual conversions.'s main target markets are European, UK, SouthAfrican, Australian and other non-North American markets, whereshoppers will most significantly benefit from shopping withUS-based sites with prices substantially lower than in theshoppers' own countries. This does not exclude US-based shopperswho, along with all other target users, will benefit fromcountry-specific travel bookings, cheaper on sites relevant tothe country they intend to visit. US-based shoppers will alsogain access to products exclusive to other countries' merchants.

The use of is free to all internet shoppers,enabling users to shop globally at any merchant's site - All inthe user's own customized settings. It is expected will revolutionize the online shopping experiencefor all international internet shoppers.

About Orbital VX Corporation: Orbital VX Corporation developsInternet user empowering solutions for international onlineshopping and services. is a property ofOrbital VX Corporation.

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