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Currency Pair Article:

The Pending Revolution In E-commerce - The E-currency Side Of
By Gerald Williams, Sat Dec 10th

Most people think that e-commerce is about people buying andselling stuff online with their credits card. This is wrong.

There is another method of buying and selling online which issurprisingly common, and this second method is likely to becomeincreasingly common in the times to come. In this second methodyou execute a purchase an order through a 'digital' currencyrather than a credit card.

The E-Currency Payment Process

Let's suppose some guy in Taiwan is selling table sets over theInternet and a woman in Montreal decides she wants one of histables. The Montreal woman's first task is to convert herdollars into a 'digital' currency.

She therefore must first contact a 'Market Maker'.

The Market Maker's role is take Montreal Lady's credit card,money order or bank account information, verify that she ismaking a legitimate transfer, then take those funds and convertthem to a "digital" currency.

Once this is done, the Market Maker looks to transfer thesedigital funds over to an 'e-currency' company. In order to makethe transfer however, Montreal Lady must open up an account withthe 'e-currency' company (for which there never seems to be acharge).

When the funds are transferred to Montreal Lady's e-currencyaccount, she then transfers the digital over to theaccount of our friend in Taiwan. In other words, Taiwan Guy musthave an account set up with the same e-currency company in whichMontreal Lady has established her account.

The money has now changed hands, and Taiwan Guy can either leaveit in his e-currency account or forward it somewhere else,usually to his bank account. The money is his.

Sounds a lot harder than just paying with the plastic, doesn'tit?

It is.

And yes, it's more time consuming. In the US, for example,simply getting your money out of the bank and over to the MarketMaker can take days.

The reason why paying through this method takes time isprimarily about security. In order to complete the conversionprocess, the Market Maker must know that Montreal Lady's fundsare legitimate, and they must know this because the e-currencycompany must be 100% assured that their digital currencyaccounts are truly funded by real money (no grace periods wherethey extend the benefit of the doubt until the clerical dustsettles).

At the bank-governmental level, there is also the concern ofprotecting against money laundering and the funding ofterrorism. Once money is converted to its digital counterpart,it can be used anywhere, for virtually any purpose. Consideringall of the hassles, why would a vendor like Taiwan Guy want toaccept e-currency payments? For one thing, he might not beeligible to accept credit card payments and/or his prospectiveclients might not have a credit card. Sure, accepting checksfrom the other side of the planet would work, but many prospectswould rather put up with paying via e-currency as the preferredalternative. But let us suppose that Taiwan Guy is not a niceperson. Once Montreal Lady's money is in his e-currency account,he just keeps it rather than send off the table set, as promised.

In this situation Montreal Lady has no recourse. Typically, ane-currency company will not intervene in this situation, thatis, once a client transfers her money over to another accountholder within that same company, the transfer is deemed final.

Fortunately, some e-currency companies offer 'escrow'protection, whereby the transfer doesn't take place untilMontreal Lady has received her goods as promised. But what ifMontreal Lady turns out to be the bad guy, taking Taiwan Guy'stable without ever acknowledging receipt?

DxInOne : The E-Currency Solution?

Fortunately, a player is emerging in the e-currency market whoseeks to remove all of these inconveniences. That player isknown as DxInOne and it seeks to establish itself as a digitalcurrency provider as well as an escrow agent and a broker fore-currency companies of good repute.

The DxInOne business model relies on the funding of its membersto provide faster transaction processing. DxInOne "Merchants"enter the process by setting in place a certain amount ofdigital funds which represent the financial backing thate-currency companies require. Montreal Lady's money is then sentto such a Merchant-member who passes on on

her funds to anotherDxInOne member, Taiwan Guy in our example.

In the DxInOne model, the transaction is much quicker in theorybecause the funding is already in place. Montreal Lady mustsimply wait for as long as it takes the Merchant to getnotification of the pending order, then pass it on to TaiwanGuy. Thankfully, DxInOne has a system in place which rewardsthose Merchants who do this quickly - for which they receive ahandsome commission - while punishing those Merchants who movetoo slowly.

For escrow protection DxInOne is very proactive. Should MontrealLady or Taiwan Guy turn out to be a villian, they impose thetransaction. Likewise, our "villians" stand to lose theirmembership in DxInOne for such bad conduct and with that all ofthe greater convenience it offers.

These two factors, far greater liquidity and oversight representtwo of the pillars on which DxInOne seeks to gain market shareand eventual domination of the entire e-currency industry. ButDxInOne hopes that its 3rd pillar will close the deal. Inproduction are watches which activate upon the successfulscanning of an iris. The Merchant will be able to leave hiscomputer and receive instant notice of an order from literallyany location. By submitting themselves to an obligatory scan,information is then encoded into bits and bytes then comparedagainst the over ten thousand character password that wasgenerated from the Merchant's original scan, when he was awardedthe watch in the first place.

The DxInOne Merchant will, by definition, have the funding inplace for any transaction he is asked to execute - allowing forinstant execution. With commissions hovering around ten percentfor a speedy transfer, he will want to take a moment to hit afew buttons on his watch and thereby complete the order, be itfor $25 or $25,000.

Wisely, DxInOne intends to patent their watch technology whichshould mean that it can't be copied by anyone for at least sevenyears. This will give it a huge advantage over all other playersin an industry which is so inconvenient given today's generalexpectations that it may be regarded as downright backward,despite its enormous size. (Can you say billions or trillions ofdollars a year?).

As DxInOne (who has almost completed their first 5-StarHotel-Casino) looks to increase its market share of thee-currency business, it is widely assumed that they will do sowith ever-increasing speed as the corporate world wakes up tothe fact that there's an e-currency company that offers thespeed and security that they require. Bolstering this further isthe fact that as DxInOne grows, so will its level ofMerchant-member funding.

A lovely vision of Amazon or Ebay-ish proportions, but not onewithout some very real growing pains.

In Closing

As a DxInOne investor, I believe in the company's vision andhave no doubt that it intends to do what it claims it hopes toaccomplish. However, there are certain problems with DxInOnethat, not surprisingly, don't find their way into the salessheets of the various web sites promoting courses on thecompany.

That's right, courses. Unfortunately, DxInOne's way ofexplaining their system is, in the eyes of many people, seen asseriously lacking. This has given birth to a spin-off industrywhere people are selling courses to teach you how to 'do'DxInOne. These can cost up to several hundreds of dollars, ifnot more.

In some cases these programs are good if not better, but othersare bad, if not worse. When they are, the misinformation can beas thick as Heinz ketchup. Because of the precarious nature ofthe DxInOne course 'cottage' industry and the dollars involved,it is essential that prospective buyer be given fullerdisclosure as to what's really going on with DxInOne.

At my web site I have sought to clear some of the air in this.And the fact is, you can learn the entire DxInOne system for nocharge. If you come to my web page, I will gladly show you how.

Expect it to take 10 to 20 hours to get up to speed, paid courseor not. And I do believe it is something well worth learning.

Gerald Williams (a.k.a. Mr. E) Surf At My dot

About the author:Also Known as Mr. E, Mr Williams is the proud owner of thefledging WebPage "Surf At My dot Com" - - asite dedicated to presenting interesting and uniqueopportunities on the web. Please contact for possible LinkExchange.

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