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Live Currency Exchange Article:

A Travelers Guide To Currency Exchange
By Stephen Kreutzer, Mon Dec 26th

Exchanging is something frequent travelers must becomefamiliar with. There are many different currencies around theworld. Finding out how to exchange and where to do itcan help travelers get the most out of their money.

The following outlines the major places that will exchange moneyfor travelers. Also indicated are any problems or concerns aboutexchanging using the methods.

1. Airports. Airports will exchange for travelers atdesks they have set up for this purpose. They usually offerexchange rates that are the worst available. They charge highfees which can sometimes be as high as 20% of the exchangeamount. This type of exchange is most convenient for the timepressured traveler. It is conveniently located at the airportand it is easy to do a transaction.

2. Banks. Local banks are happy to exchange currency. They oftenoffer the best rates and do not charge fees that are too high.Banks tend to use exchange rates based on the actual tradedvalues. Banks, however, are limited in

hours of operation andmay be unable to exchange certain or large amounts.

3. Credit and Debit cards. This is the quickest and easiest wayto exchange currency. Most major credit cards work world widewithout hassle. The exchange rates are competitive which keepsthem low. Travelers should alert their credit card company thatthey are using it outside of their home country so it does notget deactivated as security precaution.

4. ATM machines. They are easy to use, but also pose a risk ofhigh fees associated with their use. Travelers wishing to useATM's outside of their home country should discuss fees firstwith their bank.

Travelers may find many different places to exchange currency.The four listed here are the most commonly used options. Eachhas an up and down side and the one a traveler chooses dependson their own needs and concerns.

About the author:Stephen Kreutzer is a freelance publisher based in Cupertino,California. He publishes articles and reports in various ezinesand provides resourceson exchange at CyberTopics!

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