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A Bedtime Bottle Could Devastate Your Baby's Smile

Every year thousands of infants and young children suffer extensive tooth decay. Suprisingly, the culprit is the bedtime bottle. Night time bottles with juice or milk contain sugar which bacteria in our mouth break down to create acid. This acid attacks tooth enamel creating cavities.

Studies show that babies fall asleep with the baby bottle nipples in their mouths, allowing fluid from the bottle to pool around teeth during the entire time the baby is sleeping Using this constant source of sugar, bacteria multiply and create a steady stream of tooth damaging acid.

Night after night of acid attack results in cavity formation and extensive tooth decay - so called "baby bottle tooth decay" In some cases, the entire tooth can be eaten away by bacterially produced acid. If you give you child a bedtime bottle, the liquid of choice inside of the baby's bottle is water. Water contains no sugar and can not be used by bacteria to produce acid.

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