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Prepaid Cell Phone Article:

Ringtones Whos Calling?
By Carl Carlson
Ringtones are undoubtedly one of the most popular ways to personalize your cell phone, with a wide range of tunes available, from standard ringing sounds to the latest chart hits. You can choose your favorite sounds as a way to make your phone your own, so that you always know when its your phone thats ringing. But the use of the great choice of available today doesnt stop there why dont you take that personalization up a notch and use your to tell you exactly whos calling?

Back in the mists of telephone history, we would have no idea who was calling when that ring went out. It could just as easily be the salesman from hell or the gorgeous guy youve been eying up for weeks on the other end of the line, but the only way to find out for sure was the answer. This wasnt such a bad thing if you answered the call you wanted to receive, but being in the dark could have catastrophic effects if that annoying salesman made you miss a far more important call. But with the advent of the cell phone, we knew at a glance which one of the guys were calling, ensuring that we only answered the calls we wanted, when we wanted them.

But sometimes a little more advance warning would be nice. Like when youre out with friends, you dont want them to know you screen your calls! Thats your little secret, and using to help you identify whos calling, you can keep it all to yourself.

By designating a particular ringtone to a particular caller, you will know whos on the other end without lifting a finger, allowing you to short cut the call without making a fuss. And sometimes those
few extra seconds are exactly what you need to compose yourself before speaking to that really cute guy it could make the difference between taking the call with pose and bumbling your way through it. Think how impressed hell be!

And even if deception isnt on your mind, personal for all your friends are a fun way to find out who is calling. Choose their favorite tune to make them recognizable, or even pick a song that includes their name! Its the electronic version of being announced at the door is there a cooler way to find out who is on the line?

So take your personal to the next level, and assign them to your friends. Talking on the phone just got even better.

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