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Download Polyphonic Ringtone Article:

Get 15 Or More Free Ringtones!
By Jeff Lakie
One of the great things about is you can get some quality tunes for free. More and more cell phones are coming with some decent songs, but even better are the packages being touted by companies pushing free ringtones. Yes, if you are going to be downloading tens of every month, you might as well get some of those for free. Read on and well explore just how you can do that.

As have grown in popularity, so have the companies who provide this service to users. It used to be that in order to get a quality ringtone you had to pay $2, $3, $4 or more for just one tune. Lets just say that got to be too expensive! Today, you can get bunches of for one flat monthly fee, with $9.99 per month being the average beginning price. Whats more, if you play it right you can get 15 or more for free just by signing up with some plans.

Yes, there are catches with some of these plans including the following:

You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Some plans require ringtone subscribers to be 13 and older, but for those still under the age of 18, they will be required to get parental permission first before participating.

Not all networks are covered. Some service Cingular or Nextel customers only or serve all the major carriers but leave out the smaller players. For still others as long as your phone can download polyphonic ringtones, then you are in. Make certain that you check the fine print before accepting any offer!

Not all contracts are for a full year, some will allow you to cancel at any
time after the first month. Naturally, if you are given free from the outset, you may be required to agree to a longer term contract. Again, read the fine print to learn what your contract parameters will be.

If you are not satisfied with one service, always keep in mind that there are plenty of ringtone providers out there. Check with your friends to find the service that they use and explore your options. This business is changing as fast as lightning strikes, so keep your eyes open for the best deal on for your wallet. After all, it is your cell phone and your wallet we are talking about!

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