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Phone Samsung Article:

Ringtones are short sounds to warn you that your mobile cell phone gets called. The sounds are made for personalization of your mobile phone so you will always know you get called wherever you are because you have given your phone it's own identity.
Since the beginning of mobile phones there are monophonic ringtones. Monophonic are that are based on a single monotone tune. Since 2001 there are also mobile cell phones available which support polyphonic ringtones. Polyphonic are with multiple sounds, so it's starting to sound a lot more like real music. In Japan they allready had those polyphonic long before we got them.

Over the years the ringtone has become a billion dollar business. There are companies who actually earn millions of dollars by selling and other mobile stuff. Also the record companies get some of the profit. For every sold ringtone you have to pay $0,50 to record companies. So it's really a big business. And after the years there have been some developements in this business. Right now you have the realtones and the funny truetones. Realtones and truetones are real mp3 music and sounds. You can have a real song on your mobile phone when you get called. And you can laugh about it too if you have a funny truetone!

Over the past few years there also have been new products for your mobile cell phone like operator logo's, wallpapers, moving wallpapers, screensavers and sms pictures.

The newest
hype are the nametones. Nametones are realtones with someone singing that your phone is ringing and calling your name with it. So from now on your phone can be even more personal then before!

The next big thing is going to be videotones. Videotones are with the real videoclip. So when you get called you can actually see the videoclip of your favorite song!

Article Source: http://www.ArticleJoe.com

The writer of this article is the owner of Cooleringtones.net. He has all the products mentioned in this article like ringtones and realtones on his site and is in the and realtones business for about 3 years

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