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Phone Ringers Article:

Music For Mobile Phones A Good Business Idea!
By Stefan
The craziness started in 1998 when the Finish mobile telephony operator called Radiolinia launched the first ringtones. This business was obvious designed for Nokia phones.

From that moment, became a profitable developed market including mobile phones music downloads and a market of multimedia content extremely dynamical which offers any type of polyphonic sounds.

Envious on the registered success of music players machines, the mobile telephones producers started to address the Ipod users represented market, through the embedment of a high players into the mobile phones.

Sony Ericsson launched phones under its Walkman brand, based on the catalogue of kindred companionship Sony BMG, number 2 in the world in music business.

Nokia Corp., the mobile leader sales, notified an alliance with The Microsoft Corp. in order to permit the subscribers, to load music from computer on the mobile phones, similarly the mode of which acknowledged digitally players operates.

Unlike the owners of MP3 players, the Nokia users can download different tracks on the mobile phones through wireless, and subsequent may transfer them on computer for his storage or duplication on CD.

In this context, the increased popularity of music downloads and ring tones shall impel the business digit of the sector named global mobile music to reach more then 9.3 billions dollars within 2009, as a report of Junipers Research says

While ring tones and real tones downloads
will still be on top with a business digit of 4.8 billions dollars, is waited as the full-track downloads market to breed from 20 millions dollars to 1.8 billions dollars in 2009, while ring tones, which already generates substantial profits in Asia, to sweep out 2.7 billions dollars to world level, up to the end of decade.

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