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Big Beautiful Women And Their Admirers Meet At Bbw Dating Sites
By David

BBW is an acronym for big beautiful woman. And, big beautiful women and their admirers now can find plenty of company at BBW dating sites.

For big beautiful women and their admirers, BBW dating sites are a welcome addition to the internet dating scene.

The term BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman. Its origins can be traced back to the 1979 launch of the fashion and lifestyle BBW Magazine. Being an affirmation of the beauty and attractiveness of the big woman, the term has since become synonymous with the beauty of the plus-size woman.

Well, in a society that has glorified and glamorized the skin-on-bone type of woman (thanks to the fashion and show businesses) it is no wonder that such a term of endearment would catch on.

People often tolerate disfigurement better than being fat (sorry for having to use this unpleasant term). This probably because it is presumed that the fat person has full control of his/her body, but has chosen to relinquish that control. This is not always the case.

You see, body types and metabolism do differ. And in some cases, there are psychological or psychiatric causes for over-eating, Bulimia being a case in point. But that is subject for an expert to
write about.

In some cultures the big woman is considered not only healthy but also sexy. A big bosom or big bottom (or both) on a big woman are considered icing on the cake.

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder. The number of men (and women for that matter) that find big women attractive is surprisingly high, as evidenced by the popularity of BBW dating services. Yes, this goes against the grain of societal norms, but it's a fact. And, these men (or women) are not necessarily big themselves.

Now, "bigness" is relative. What one person may consider big may just be slightly overweight, rubenesque, full-figured, voluptuous, or even bootylicious to another, among other terms. Also, there are no hard rules as to where the scale should begin.

Recognizing that big women and their admirers need a comfortable setting where they can meet each other, BBW dating sites have come to fill this vacuum.

BBW personals sites are vibrant with lots of singles who are either BBW's themselves or are looking for one. What's better than to have a pool of like-minded people, who are also seeking each other out for love and companionship?

This is undoubtedly the biggest advantage internet dating; bringing people of common interest together. Therefore big beautiful women and their admirers should at least give BBW dating sites a try. Most sites allow you to browse and post personal ads free.

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