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Different Dating Sites For Different Folks
By Wayne

Today there are many dating sites on the internet which caters to people seeking a partner based on a certain criteria. In this article you will learn about niche dating sites, why they are necessary, and why they are so popular in society today.

The online dating industry has come a long way since it was first introduced to us in the 1990's. It all started with general sites which catered to the needs of everyone. However, if you do a google search for the term "online dating" you will get millions of web pages in the search result. Which means we have much more choices to choose from today than we did many years ago.

One of the biggest changes in the industry has been the advent of niche dating sites. Unlike the general sites which cater to everyone, a niche site narrows the focus which makes it a bit easier to match people who have something in common.

Here are some examples of the criteria used by the niche dating sites to match their members.

1. There are sites which will cater to athletes who are seeking athletes. Most athletes
who live an active, healthy lifestyle will find it difficult to date a couch potato, or someone who does not
take care of their body.

2. Other sites cater to vegetarians who are seeking other vegetarians to date. Many vegetarians believe that it's unethical to eat meat. Let's face it, someone who believes it's unethical to eat meat will prefer to date someone with the same beliefs.

3. Some sites cater to people with HIV/AIDS. Many people who have HIV or AIDS are ashamed of it because it isn't always accepted in society today. It makes perfect sense that people who have been tested positive for HIV/AIDS will want to date someone who is HIV/AIDS positive as well.

4. Believe it or not there are dating sites who cater to wealthy people. Many people who are wealthy will want to date someone who is wealthy as well. Doing this will level the paying field a bit. It will be easier to date someone knowing that they are not interested in you because you are wealthy.

5. There are other sites who cater to gay/lesbian people. The gay/lesbian lifestyle isn't always accepted in society so a dating site which caters to gay/lesbian people makes it much easier to find a date with similar interests.

Those are a few types of niche dating sites which are available on the internet today. Regardless of what type of lifestyle you live or what types of activities you are interested in, the chances are there is a dating site on the internet which will cater to your individual needs.

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