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Online Dating Services
By David

Online dating is getting more popular every day. With online dating giants Matchmaker, Eharmony, and others being televised all over it seems like a great new idea, but is it? You need to read this.

With a world that is increasingly more internet related it was only a matter of time before online dating services would replace brick and mortar dating services. Gone are the days of paying an agency $1000 - $5000 or more to make a video tape and then waiting for someone to actually view it and maybe like it enough to be interested in a lunch date.

Now you can sign up at any number of dating services. There are even online dating services for every like, desire and/or fetish. There are sites for swingers, bikers, death rockers, even people that think they are a vampire and want to meet a vampire of the opposite sex. Some of them have been plastered all over TV with numerous ads like and

Some of these online dating service websites are free and are ad driven with either Google Ads or affiliate advertisements. Others charge a monthly fee direct to your credit card and can be quite costly like Adultfriendfinder. Many of these pay sites lure you in with a free or cheap introductory offer, but you do not get full use of the site and must pay extra or join a higher priced membership for
full access.

Kind of like you can see the girls or guys you are interested in, but you can not talk to them or email them or anything until you pay. And then after you pay, you do not get the contact or responses you hoped for so they offer advanced memberships or options that promise you more benefits, contacts, etc.

The problem with the pay online dating services like Adultfriendfinder is that they are very similar to those 976 and 900 numbers you still see listed in the back of some magazines and newspapers. The person you talk to is not who you think and they have absolutely no interest in ever meeting you. They just want your money and with the advent of these online dating services that charge fees and similar they make buckets of cash off poor, unsuspecting people looking to hopefully meet someone as advertised.

Online dating services are pretty much a scam with very faulty advertising and fraudulent claims. Just take a look at Adultfriendfinder. They have ads everywhere showing all these beautiful people from your town. You know what, they are hired models and for the most part their profiles are for people that do not even exist.

After the recent exposure on CBS and NBC of online predators and Myspace members misrepresenting themselves, one should get the idea that online dating services are not the ideal way to meet someone in a safe manor. Not only could you lose a lot of money paying for the online dating service fees and memberships, but you may meet some really scary and messed up people.

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