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Fropper - Fropping Around Safely, Yet Having Fun!
By Murtaza Fidahusen
All I have ever wanted it everything! So when it came to a Indian social networking site, as much as possible was what I was looking for - safety (most importantly), lots of friends, blogging, photos... all this and I am set. I got to know about from a friend. Honestly, there wasn't much I expected, having been on some other networking sites (would be rude to take names) and getting totally bored because they were either too business-oriented or had few features to offer.
Then Fropper happened, like those things that happen to you out of the blue and you thank God that it did! A zone name, display photo and zone details were taken care of and the fun began! I was overwhelmed with the kind of friendship requests I received and a little wary too because I didn't want the world and its grandmother to become my friend. But then, there have been these privacy settings that have helped me filter whom I receive scraps from and who can view my photos, read my videos etc. I had heard many female friends complain about all the unwanted attention, but it has been over a year for me on Fropper and I haven't had any problem yet.

The greatest fun has been ezBlogs. I started blogging right after I was over the amusement of reading what Mr. Sheikspeare had to say. Since then, it's been great writing my heart out, cribbing, raving, ranting. Writing current news, views, reviews, abuse (to the government and politics mostly) or just plain good ol' nonsense! And then read some thought provoking blog posts, got to know some
highly talented yet underplayed amateur writers. Best thing is, one always found someone to appreciate what one wrote!

And now as I can see the features just don't stop pouring in. Videos is a killer concept, so is the BIG voice scrap thing (though I have hardly used it. Lazy me!) and now photo gallery, video gallery in Groups.

Umm, initially I thought I wouldn't stick around for more than 3 months because that's the span I have enjoyed on any other site. I was also being a snob and thought I wouldn't make friends, but now I have over a 100 people on my list and I keep in touch with many of them. Like I said, I don't want the world and its uncle (or was it grandmother? Same difference!) to be my friend, so even if there are few, I am happy knowing like-minded readers, rock heads and crackpots around here. And I know Fropper is for keeps!

So here's Fropper and friendship. It's freaking good!

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