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Customer Testimonials

What some of our satisfied customers have said about SaveYourSmile:

"I just placed my second order with you. I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your products. Now that I have tried them, I'm hooked, and could not possibly go back to the store bought stuff"

Nancy O'Connell

"By far the best pricing on the Oral-B 3D Plaque Remover. Fast shipping and no problems. I will definitely look to then again for my dental supply needs."

Evan Tepperman

"It was very easy to place my order and it was shipped very quickly. They were intent on making sure everything was okay with me."

Barrett Taylor

"I have tried your products before and had great success. Thank You, It works !"

Brian Lefebure

"I felt very comfortable with the transaction. I will not hesitate to do business with them again."

Irvin Masuda

"They had the best price, and it showed up in Priority Mail in a few days."

Brent Mullins

"Shipment was right on time and the order was correct. That's all I ask for from an online store. I was quite happy. :^"

Cynthia Bui

"I have been ordering this toothpaste for about 6 months now from this site. You are the only ones I know of who carry it, and it has been a life saver. Your service has been great, please keep up the great work and Thank You."

Chris Baumgardt

"My order consisted of the "ORA 5" topical liquid and the "Enamel Saver" toothpaste. Both of these items were recommended by Dental Zone to reduce canker sores. I have tried EVERYTHING to prevent and/or eliminate the pain of recurring canker sores, and these two products have been the only items to actually work for me in over 10 years! Thanks for the excellent advise . . ."

Linda D. Francois

"Fast service, Great product for cheaper price which I saved a big $$$. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to deal with you again. "

Rajai Y. Tawil

"Straightforward. Easy to use site and offered a good value "

Les Vivian

"I can get a good treatment for my canker sores . That I could not get any where else. Thank God for the Dental Zone"

Kenneth Wood

"Order came to my house very fast. Everything went fine and the products are good "

Sally Mann

"Very nice site! They had the best prices around and if I need any other dental products their site will be the first on my list. Product was received faster than I thought, big surprise! I am a webmaster for another site and they have their site layed out very well! Keep up the good work!"

J. Meilinge

"Great job with my order. The items were in stock and arrived quickly! "

Sara Brown

"Quick response time and delivery - thank you "

Janice Rist

"I've ordered Enamel Saver toothpaste from Dental Zone Online twice and plan to continuing doing so. My shopping experience was very pleasant and I have since told some of my friends about it. I'm very happy with my purchases also. "

Selma Morrison

"I have had other orders from other companies I know. I was a little bit unsure as I listened to others horror stories of ordering online after my order was placed. It arrived quickly and without any heartache."

Karin Sue Korsak

"By far the best pricing for the OralB 3-d Plaque remover. Fast shipping and no problems. I will definitley look to them again for my dental supply needs."

Evan Tepperman

"Easy, speedy, and fun"

Lance Allen

"Good selection. They had the hard to find toothpaste I was looking for"

Allison Hoagland

"I found Dental Zone On Line on-line through a price search for a particular product. I forget the site I used to conduct the search but once I found Dental Zone On Line, I was impressed with the variety, quality, and amount of information their site contains. In addition, the product I was looking for was one with which I was unfamiliar. So, by Dental Zone On Line having already tested and providing that information on their site, I was much more confident about the sale. On the backside of the sale, I was impressed with the documentation and method of delivery Dental Zone On Line used. I have encountered other sites who are not as focused on delivering their product as Dental Zone On Line is and that's a refreshing aspect of the sale. After all, I ordered it. I expect to receive it in a timely fashion. Good job Dental Zone Online! "

Dan Barrett

"I'm very pleased with this product,as it actually works reducing the pain of the cancker sores. Also the time it took from ordering to receiving this product was quick and easy. I will visit the Dental Zone often for products I may need, its a fine service. "

Glenn S. Cunningham

"The information they provided was top notch. The product we received was exactly as I expected. Bravo!"

Nicole Regan

"I've ordered from them 3 times. The service is great, the products are wonderful......and I'm hooked!!!! "

Nancy O'Connell