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How To Trade Forex Article:

Trading Like A Bank Trader From The Comfort Of Your Home - The Real Secrets Of Forex
By Sam

There is a whole load of people trying to cash in off the "opportunity" of trading these days. Most of them are marketers, some of them are failed traders, but a minority are exceptional traders who would shock the banks themselves if the banks knew their results.

trading is not for individuals who are not smart. It is for sophisticated traders who know how to trade the markets. However is marketed like it's the money-tree that everyone was searching for - and all you have to do is sign up to "our brokerage" and suddenly you'll have "the keys to the kingdom!"

Fat chance! Chances are that if you're in forex, like 95% of others, you are actually a "loser". It's not a nice word to use, but unfortunately, a new "industry" of brokers, courses, introducing brokers, mentors, authors and commentators would not have spawned unless there were millions willing to spend money like consumer gamblers trying to make their fortune based on the lies of advertising and marketing.

Therefore, most of the people trading as retail investors, despite the fact they may have spent literally tens of thousands on seminars and courses, still don't have the slightest clue of what they are actually doing or where they are headed with their trading.

The result is that they complain and they moan and they try to find the "holy grail" of trading in forums, through more books, courses and through spending more money gambling in the market. If that is you, here is where it ends.

Forex involves huge amounts of money with contracts and volume that make the US stock market seem like Mickey Mouse. The real winners are the brokers and the banks who have inside information, capital and influence to be able to profit and keep on profitting no matter what direction the market is moving.

A "piece of the action" is just another way of marketing a short-term fix (you being able to trade using a brokers platform from your family PC) for your long-term pain (the losses in time, money and energy you will incur from not really knowing what you are doing apart from you want to get rich quick or at least make some money). The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about continues...

can rest assured that there will be many "versions" of this original article on the internet within weeks if not days. This is because the marketers and those trying to cash in on the explosion will plagiarise and do anything they can to get their message out as well - after all, it's your money that everyone is after.

In forex, a successful broker will trade. They made trade against their unwitting clients (to "mop up" capital they can keep for themselves) and also because they are in the position of power and knowledge that we talked about earlier.

Being able to know what trades have been placed on the books puts the broker at a huge advantage. Same as with the bank trading floor leaders. A team leader will instruct their team (for example a team trading the EUR) when to buy and sell. Sometimes it will be to take out stop losses of their clients and then get in at the start of moves in the opposite direction, other times it will be following the lead of mor influential players. Either way the broker wins. And that is how a lot of people have made money in - by being a broker, not limiting themselves to just trading, but sales is a part of the banking system, is it not? After all, diversification is a kind of rule in investment circles too, correct? What makes any different?

So the key therefore to successful trading without the capital and "insider knowledge" advantage of the leading broker is to be able to understand what the moves are that the broker team leaders identify as the entry points for their teams and therefore the market direction effectively. That is not to say that broker teams, hedge funds or banks control the market direction as individual entities neccessarily, but it assumes the broker is successful at trading.

Once the way in which the brokerage trades is identified - the strategy is elicited, a whole new doorway is opened up for the retail investor. The trading game no longer becomes a game of chance and luck with the odds dramatically against, it is a game of skill with some luck added in to the mix. This is the state of the market today.

Further to the "insider information" of how to trade like a professional fund, having a business plan and being able to action it are of course vital. This means that the person who is the trader needs to learn and grow, to be flexible and to be able to think independently.

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