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Forex Technical Analysis Article:

Learn Forex Trading Through Chart Analysis
By Sebastian Fun
Using charts effectively
Let's us have 300 as the default number of periods on the charts. Do have a setting for the chart as below:
Hourly chart -12 days of data.
15 minute chart -3 days of data.
5-minute chart -more than 1 day of data.

Domain aspects
Look carefully to have an overall concept about the chart. Do notice about the significant support and resistance levels within 2% of the market opening rate.
Read the 15 minute chart carefully and noting the following aspects:
Prevailing trend
Current price in relation to the 60 period simple moving averages.
High and low since GMT 00:00
Tops and bottoms during full 3 day time period.

How to well use the information
1. Determine the overall concept (for intraday trading).
Read through every uptrend or downtrend points hourly to have an overall concept. If those turning points are inconsistent, it means that you're in a trading range. Let's have a downtrend example.

2. Make sure the 15 minute chart is in a downtrend point with the pattern of the chart's flowing:
It is confirm that the market is in a downtrend when the 15 minute chart's current price is below 60 period moving averages and the moving line is sloping down.
There are two trends, prevailing trend that known as major trend and a minor trend. The minor trend is distinct with the major trend. Minor trend only goes for a short time and can be spotted clearly on 5 minute chart.

3. Determine the major trend and minor trend from the 5 minute chart:
-For 5 minute chart, which the current price is below 60 period and the moving line is sloping downward, is a major trend.
-For 5 minute chart, which the current price is above 60 period and the moving line is sloping upward, is a
minor trend.

How to well trade with those information
1) For example, down prevailing trend and a minor uptrend. The strategy would be--- sell when the 5 minute chart's current price is below the 60 period moving average and moving line is sloping downward. It is because the prevailing trend is reasserting itself and it is likely to be down for the next move. Besides, look for other clues. Enter the market when the minor trend had slowed down and the chart's flowing is likely very close to the 5 minute moving average line.

2) Let's have a down prevailing trend and a confirm 5 minute downtrend chart. Strategy would be --- Enter the market after the current price moving line goes minor uptrend and then reverse. It is because the move is not yet 'stable'. Withdraw when there is a reaction if you trade with tight stops. If a market is trades through today's low or in a downtrend for the past three days, the market is likely to be downtrend and there will have a reversal soon.

3) Another example, an assuming prevailing trend down, a downtrend 5 minute chart, and just above days' lows. The strategy would be ---Trade with a tight stop when the current price is below the days' lows. The chance and the risk are limited depending on the technical condition that the traders have. In this strategy, the idea behind this is those traders are not waiting for a long break of today's or yesterday's lows to enter the market as they are think they might not have a clearly break.

4) The safest place to enter a market is -- buy after a sustained significant decline and likely to change to an uptrend. Look also for a long decline level. By the level third or forth higher bottom, it is clear that an up-move is coming.

5) The reverse is true in major uptrend.

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