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Forex Traders Article:

Key To Successful Forex Trading
By Han Ming
Here are the characteristics of successful FOREX trading

1.Successful traders tend to have absolute control over their emotions they never get too excited over a win or too depressed over a loss.

2.Successful traders do not panic they make evolutionary adjustments rather than revolutionary changes to their trading style.

3.Successful traders treat trading as a business and not a hobby.
4.Successful traders are prepared for all eventualities on any given trading day. They come to work with a plan that includes many contingencies and not just what they hope will happen.

You should already have solutions to these problems. What happens if

-Prices open sharply higher or lower?
-The market is very quiet
-The market is volatile?
-The market goes up early and reverses later?
-The market goes down early and reverses later?

FOREX traders trade only with money he or she can afford to lose.

6.Successful traders spend at least as much time focusing on money management as they do on a trading method.

7.Successful traders listen to the markets. Unsuccessful traders attempt to impose their will on the market.

You dont have the profile of successful trader if some of the above traits dont sound like you. trading depends on your skills and not your luck. is the biggest market today, reaching a daily volume of 3 trillion dollars throughout the globe. That means that there is no single participant in the market; banks and governments included, who can consistently push the price in the certain direction. You need skills to forecast which direction the markets are actually going in the future.

Another important key to successful trading is to choose a genuine and suitable trading platform that is easy to manage.

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