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Best Hyip
By Admin
Everyone want to know best hyip. Everyone one search for best hyip. But what does best hyip mean? Does it mean huge daily profit? Maybe hyips which offer 2-3% daily we can call best hyips? Perhaps hyips with ssl certificate, DDos protection, dedicated server are best? Maybe hyip with automatically or instantly withdraw are the best? Well where is no one answer. For some people best hyip is hyip with huge daily interest, for some people best hyip is hyip with instantly withdraw and these people are right.

In this article I will try to explain how to find best hyip. I think everyone will agree with me that best hyip is that hyip which are online for a long time, not just new weeks or few months. Also I hope you agree with me that best hyips MUST have fast support. Some hyips reply to your questions within 1-2 days, well it is too long! I am potential investor, I need to get answer ASAP! Of course you can find many answers in FAQ section but sometimes you need information which you can't find there. If hyip has phone support so it is very good, you can always phone them and get answers to your questions. Another very important thing for best hyip is fast or instantly withdraw. No one wants to wait 1 or 2 days till they receive payment, everyone want to get money instantly or within few hours. Best hyips have to pay fast. What about hyip security? Of course best hyip must has dedicated server, ddos protection to guarantee that members accounts are safe and secure. Dedicated server is not problem for real best hyip.
They spend a lot money for hosting, advertising, ddos protection and security. If hyip has Prolexic Ddos protection so it is really very good and probably best hyip, because Prolexic Ddos protection cost a lot(more than $2000 monthly). Now let's talk about design. Best hyips always have nice design, and design should be custom, made by designers, not just template from internet.Now let's talk about daily interest. Well there can not be one answer because some people like 10-20% daily and other 1-2% daily. But I think you agree that best hyip must invest money to trading, nasdaq and to other industries. So if hyip earn money in they can not offer 10-20%, it is impossible and we know that. If you do not trust me, try to open trading demo account and try to earn some cash and you will find that it is very hard and need very good trading skills.

I think that best hyips were Solidinvestment, Vascoinvestment. It is very sad that they closed but many people made profit from these hyips. In my opinion now one of the best hyip is Europe Trade Ltd. Of course this hyip can close at any time, but at this time it's one of the best hyip (Please notice that this article has been written Aug. 21, 2006).

Here is a short list of best hyip features:
- Fast or instantly withdraws
- Fast support, phone support
- Custom design
- Dedicated server, Ddos protection
- No more than 3% daily

And don't forget most important rule in HYIP industry: DO NOT SPEND WHAT YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO LOSE!

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