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Forex Options Article:

Why More Investors Choose Forex Trades
By Lorna Goldsborough
As more investors grow dissatisfied with the performance of the domestic stock markets, they are beginning to explore some options for international investments. While there are a number of opportunities to get involved in foreign markets, foreign exchange trading is quickly becoming one of the most popular. Investors like trades because they are made quickly and with minimal hassle. There are several definable benefits to foreign exchange trading.

The first benefit is that is liquid. In fact, is the most easily sold form of investment in the world. Since you are dealing with cash, trades are never on the block for long. There is always someone, or some bank, willing to make a trade. This liquidity is what makes trading so appealing to many. Even in falling markets, you have the ability to sell whenever you are ready.

Another benefit of foreign exchange trading is that trades are available 24 hours a day. Since the medium is the world's currencies, the market must be open 24 hours a day since banks in different time zones are always open. The development of internet technology has opened up a world where trading can happen instantaneously at any time of day. Since many traders work full time jobs during the day, the ability to sit at home
and make trades in the evening, even after their own nation's markets have closed, is very important.

Some foreign exchange traders like this platform because trades rarely charge any commission fees. When trading regular stocks and even some futures, the investor's profits take a substantial hit from the commission based fee structure in which the brokerage firm gets a percentage of every trade made. With online trading though, these commissions are not applicable as you are making the trades yourself. It may seem like small change, but over the course of a year, many traders find that they have increased their portfolio substantially because they are able to invest the money that normally would have gone to commission fees.

Investors who limit their portfolios to domestic common stock often find that their trading activity must come to a halt in a declining market. You may hear them talk of "riding out the storm." For those who make trades however, the normal rise and fall of the world's economies does not affect the nature of the trading. trades depend only on the exchange rate. The actual value of the currency doesn't matter. For this reason, you will see that foreign exchange trading remains active even when trade volumes of common stock are very low.

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