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Forex Pips Article:

Make Money And Succeed In Forex Trading!!
By Joon Trader
Make money and Succeed in Trading!!

How to make money and succeed in Trading? To a newbie learning Online Trading, it looks very simple in the beginning. Take currency pair EURUSD for instance, if you bullish on Euro, simply place a Buy order. Bearish on EUR, just short it. So easy, you may ask? The truth about Trading is that it is a professional activity that not many traders will succeed.

For this article, I will just go through a few very straight forward pointers on how to consistently generate pips.

In the world of currency trading, many newbie traders believe that trading software or system that contains rocket science is more likely able to make money. It may be true, but how many of us will be able to find such a system or methodology? Why not just spend time and money to learn systems or trading methods that are simple
but works?

In the currency trading, the fact is simple systems just work best. Simple systems are more robust and easier to trade as you understand the logic and can therefore follow it with confidence when you are in a losing streak.

I personally feel that it is much simpler to trade with the trends rather than the ranging market.
For many successful traders, once they are happy with a system or methodology, they stick with it. Remember, you only make money trading Forex, and not having 100 systems or trading methodologies but trading none of them.

In trading, most traders succeeded primarily due to good money management. Always remember that regardless whatever system you use to trade Forex, so long as your system or trading methodologies has a positive profit factor coupled with proper money management, you will succeed in the long run.

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