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Forex Robot Article:

Forex Trading Education: Jump Start Your Financial Future
By Margaret Dorsey
Any investment involves an element of risk - in fact, it may even be essential to the proper function of world commerce. Foreign exchange, which relies upon the fluctuation of currency and conversion to generate profit, also has the politics and economy of the day to contend with, since a mild change in current affairs can translate drastically to the price and or liquidity of a share. So how can you avoid falling prey to the rigors of such sensitive information and dangerous fluctuation? Initially, you must endow yourself with a comprehensive trading education. With the right training, you can confidently embark on what ought to be a lifelong relationship with foreign exchange, and avoid many of the problems which face - and often defeat - a first time investor.

A good place to begin your trading education is with a practice run. This can take many forms, and perhaps the most obvious is a 'demo account'. You can also accompany friends online or discuss the trading habits of colleagues and monitor those of your friends and fellow investors. Once you've learned the basics, it is easy to be tempted straight out onto the market floor, but the idiom 'practice makes perfect' was never truer than
with Forex.

Once you have begun to see a return on your efforts, a trading education will equip you with the skills you need to protect your earnings. Using a moving stop-loss, you can keep your successful position and go some way to capping your current profits. Many newcomers to find that those fluctuations mentioned above can move them swiftly from a winning to a losing position under the first changeable conditions, so guarding your profits is an essential first move. A stop-loss will also help you to limit those unavoidable losses when they do occur.

A good trading education will also help you to monitor the difference between your risk and reward. This ratio is fundamental to the process of understanding and gaining from trading. Calculating it successfully, and making sure you always start with around 2-to-1 or greater, is perhaps the number one difference between a continually successful investor and a brash newcomer who is destined for a fall.

With a sound trading education you'll also become a guru with the interplay between bid price and ask price, the details of the 'spread' and the two business days of reckoning which constitute the interest rollover!

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