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There are two effective bleaching methods commonly used by dentists in the dental office - the in office "power" bleaching and laser bleaching.

These are the absolute quickest and most effective ways to whiten teeth but require a session at the dentist's office. In additon, these bleaching methods are much more expensive than the previously discussed methods.

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Dentist In-Office Power Bleaching

The dentist isolates and protects your lips, gums, and inside lining of your mouth. Next, a powerful bleaching agent is applied to the teeth. Finally, a powerful light source is applied which completes the procedure by activating the bleaching agent.

While this provides one of the best results of any bleaching methods, it is moderately expensive ranging from $300-$600 per arch or $600-$1200 for all of your teeth (In dental terms an arch is either the upper set or lower set of teeth).

Laser Bleaching

Laser bleaching is a relatively new procedure only recently receiving FDA approval. Despite its high tech sounding name, laser bleaching is simply a variation of the above in-office power bleaching method.

The procedure is much the same. Gums and lips are protected and a bleaching agent is applied. The only difference is that an argon laser is used to activate the bleaching agent instead of the usual light source.

Inventors of the procedure claim that this produces a better whitening result than the conventional in office power bleaching. We must say that the jury is still out. This is a case where clinical studies need to be performed to substantiate these claims. Laser bleaching does cost more than the typical in-office power bleaching ranging between $750 to $2000 for a complete set of teeth.

We have examined a variety of methods for creating white smiles. For many people, whitening toothpastes are enough to create beautiful smiles.

For others, tooth bleaching is the method of choice.

 We have a convenient chart to examine the pros and cons of each bleaching agent >>>>

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bleaching trays
Tooth bleaching agents compared

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