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Simple Steps You Can Take to Prevent Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is a progressive process that begins with poor oral health and ends with complete destruction of teeth, gums, and supporting structures in the mouth. Untreated, gum disease may even lead to increased risk of heart attack, stroke, or premature birth.


poor dental habits ---> tartar build up ---> gingivitis (mild inflammation of the gums) ---> periodontitis (severe infection of the gums and jawbone) ---> increased risk of heart attack, stroke, or premature birth.

A host of new products promise to help keep gums healthy and prevent gum disease. One of the best of these products is dental floss! Amazingly, most people fail to floss, allowing the bacteria responsible for gum disease to build up on teeth. We suggest that you floss at least once a day using a dental floss which does not shred. Glide® dental floss made of teflon is a great floss, as it slides easily between teeth.

Some people don't floss because they do not like dealing with dental floss. Interdental cleaners like the Braun Oral-B Interclean® allow you to quickly and easily remove bacterial plaque from between teeth. These products contain a small filament which slides between teeth to sweep away bacteria.

Use a toothpaste which helps fight gum disease. All toothpastes are not alike. Recent studies show that SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), an ingredient in more than 99% of all toothpastes, actually helps promote periodontal disease. The best SLS-free toothpaste is Enamel Saver®. Instead of SLS, Enamel Saver® has a patented foaming system which strengthens oral mucosa. No other toothpaste has this system. Enamel Saver® has 36% by weight of natural Xylitol. No other toothpaste has anywhere near this amount. Clinical studies show natural Xylitol reduces plaque and plaque acids. Less plaque means

  • fewer cavities
  • healthier gums
  • fresher breath

Enamel Saver® Mouth Friendly® Toothpaste prevents gum disease and improves the condition of those who have it by reducing bleeding, inflammation, and plaque. And it's so pleasant to use that you're more likely to floss and brush properly. Kids love Enamel Saver, too.

Many dentists are now recommending advanced electric toothbrushes (also called plaque removers) like the Braun Oral-B 3D® and the Sonicare® toothbrush. Why are dentists recommending these over ordinary toothbrushes and over other electric toothbrushes ?

  • These toothbrushes help remove bacteria from right below the gumline, where ordinary toothbrushes cannot reach, and where bacteria can initiate gum disease.
  • Most people do not brush all of their tooth surfaces when brushing. It takes 2-3 minutes to brush all of your tooth surfaces, yet, most people spend less than 30 seconds brushing. If you miss the same spots day after day, harmful bacteria will begin to thrive. The Braun Oral-B 3D® and the Sonicare® toothbrush both contain built in timers to ensure that you brush long enough to remove nearly all the bacteria from your mouth.
  • Finally, it is estimated that two out of three people brush too hard, thus destroying gum tissue and ruining tooth enamel. The Braun Oral-B 3D® and the Sonicare® toothbrush both protect your gums and teeth with built in pressure sensors.

Another weapon in the fight against gum disease is the oral irrigator. This device shoots a jet of water beneath the gumline to wash away plaque bacteria. In cases of advanced periodontal disease, antimicrobial mouthwash can be used in place of water. The Braun OxyJet® and the Teledyne Waterpik® are popular oral irrigators.

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