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Enjoy Fresh Kissable Breath

Enjoy Social Situations With Friends and Colleagues

Speak With New Confidence

Say Goodbye to Expensive and Ineffective Breath Mints, Sprays, and Mouthwashes as little as 30 seconds

Clinical studies show tongue cleaning is crucial to fighting halitosis - by stopping bad breath at its source.

The BreathAID Tongue Cleaner is one of the most effective methods of attacking bad breath.


Patented Design Rated #1 Among Dentists Surveyed

Tongue cleaning removes harmful bacteria which can cause periodontal disease and strep throat.

In fact, the American Dental Association recommends tongue cleaning for good oral healthcare

Taste the Difference

Tongue cleaning improves the ability to taste and savor foods by uncovering taste buds covered with bacteria and putrefied debris.

Order by March 15, 2001 you will be entitled to purchase the BreathAID tongue cleaner at the special low price of $14.95.

After March 15, 2001 the price will go up. Enjoy all the benefits of fresh clean breath at a special low price.

Imagine a life where social interactions with friends and colleagues are welcomed instead of dreaded.

Imagine being able to get close to that special someone with truly kissable fresh breath.

Imagine speaking with confidence.

Free yourself from the pain and embarrassment of bad breath. Say goodbye to expensive and ineffective breath sprays, mints, and mouthwashes and hello to fresh kissable breath.

Now a breakthrough can give you great pleasant smelling breath in as little as 30 seconds.

That's right in as little as 30 seconds you can regain the confidence that comes with great smelling breath. End the pain and embarrassment. Break out of the bad breath fog into a life of pleasant smelling breath. Get truly kissable fresh breath.

Dentist make a profession out of dealing with problems of the mouth. So when they use something to cure their own bad breath you know it must work. But its just not dentists. In fact, this method has been used by millions of people for over 300 years - but you wouldn't know it !

The little secret consumer product companies do not want you to know about

Consumer product companies spend millions trying to convince you that their breath mints, mouthwashes, and breath sprays will eliminate bad breath. These do not work for the simple fact that at best they briefly cover up bad breath and at worst make bad breath more severe.

Dragon Breath or the fear of it has Americans spending $1 billion a year on mouthwashes, breath mints, sprays, drops, gums, and other products that they hope will mask an obnoxious mouth odor. But experts say that most of these expenditures are a waste, at best reducing bad breath for an hour

Jane E. Brody
New York Times - March 1997

Don't cover up bad breath - attack it at the source ! You see bad breath is caused by the millions of bacteria which inhabit our mouth. These "stink factories" feast on left over food particles expelling the volatile sulfur molecules (VSCs) responsible for bad breath.

Brushing and flossing remove the bacterial "stink factories" from our teeth and gums but these unwelcome guests have found the perfect hideout - YOUR TONGUE. Yes your tongue is teeming with millions of these bacteria each pouring out loads of stench.

Why do many Americans produce two immaculate, shining rows of teeth separated by an organ [the tongue] covered with millions of microorganisms, emitting a strong malodor

Gordon Christensen, D.D.S., Ph.D

No wonder people spend inordinate amounts of time brushing their teeth or small fortunes in breath mints and sprays only to find that their breath still offends.

They are missing the largest reservoir of odor - their own tongues. Clinical studies have shown tongue cleaning to be crucial to obtaining the freshest breath possible.

The BreathAID Tongue Cleaner

Your tongue is like a thick plush carpet - a FILTHY plush carpet crawling with bacteria. A revolutionary device, the BreathAID Tongue Cleaner easily and quickly removes unwanted bacteria and debris from your tongue. Think of it as a vacuum cleaner for your tongue.

Just thirty seconds, twice a day will guarantee you fresher breath. Simply glide the BreathAID's stainless steel edge across your tongue to remove offending bacteria. Imagine talking with confidence not having to worry that you're offending your friends and loved ones. Imagine not being stressed by the embarrassment of dragon breath.

Thank you for rushing my tongue cleaner order. I was thrilled to find it in my mailbox so quickly. I've only used it 2 times, but really am impressed with the results... Thanks for the great product. I will probably be calling to order one for my husband

Sue Alexandre

A foolproof guarantee that the BreathAID tongue cleaner will make your breath smell fresher

We are so confident that the BreathAID tongue cleaner will improve your breath that we offer a no guilt six month 100% money back guarantee. Try the BreathAID tongue cleaner for six full months. If you feel that it has not improved your breath return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

How can we be so confident in this guarantee ? Tongue cleaning has been the most effective way of eliminating bad breath for over 300 years in nations throughout the world. Tongue cleaning is still in use today because it works. In fact, the American Dental Association actually recommends tongue cleaning for better oral health.

A dentist took the concept one step further to ensure you the absolute freshest breath

A respected South Carolina dentist took the concept one step further. Most tongue cleaners are made of plastic which can scratch the tongue making tongue cleaning uncomfortable.

Dr. Biggins realized that a tongue cleaner made of stainless steel would not only make for a pain free and easy experience but would also allow the BreathAID tongue cleaner to last several times longer than conventional tongue cleaner. Furthermore the cleaning edge created by the stainless steel provides for the most effective cleaning experience possible.

Dr. Biggins also realized that because of their shape, many tongue cleaners cause people to gag the further back the tongue cleaner is used on the tongue. This is a major problem since the vast majority of odor causing bacteria live near the back of the tongue.

The BreathAid's patented design tapers in the back so you can reach offending bacteria without invoking the gag reflex. What Dr. Biggin' produced was the #1 rated tongue cleaner by dentists surveyed !!! And customers have taken notice.

The tongue cleaner works the best out of all the others I tried -- the others were plastic and they hurt my tongue after a while -- yours doesn't hurt and works amazingly -- Thanks again for developing such a fantastic product

Gloria Rubenstein

But don't take our word for it.

You must see it to believe it. Most people are shocked and horrified when they use the BreathAID for the first time and actually see the bacterial accumulation and debris as it is being removed from the tongue.

Never did they believe such a grotesque matter was living on their tongues. When you use the BreathAID tongue cleaner you can actually see the bacterial accumulation and debris being removed as you glide the BreathAID tongue cleaner across your mouth. You'll truly be amazed at what lies on your tongue.

The hidden benefits of tongue cleaning

Hold onto your seat because the most healthy benefit of tongue cleaning is not fresh breath. You see the germ reservoir that is your tongue is a launching pad to serious health problems.

Long standing bacteria not removed by daily oral care, such as the bacteria on your tongue, become harmful producing toxins which cause inflammation and destruction of gum tissue. This is known as periodontal disease and can lead to receding gums and cause teeth to fall out of their sockets.

Bacteria and their toxins not only attack gum tissue but certain species of bacteria can move down the throat causing debilitating and painful Strep Throat.

By using the BreathAid tongue cleaner you can clean up the tongue cesspool and ensure a healthy smile and a healthy body.

Foods taste better

Did your know that your food experience is being muted ? Imagine smelling with your nose plugged or seeing through dirty sunglasses or trying to hear with ear plugs. That is exactly what is happening when we eat.

The mass of debris and bacteria which cover our tongues actually make it more difficult for food to reach our taste buds. Tongue cleaning clears the tongue allowing food to more easily reach the taste buds tongue.

The result - food actually tastes better !!! Make your food come alive. Enjoy the true nature and flavor of food. Free your taste buds all with simple and effective tongue cleaning.

Very Limited Time Only - Special Pricing

And if you order by March 15, 2001 you will be entitled to purchase the BreathAID tongue cleaner at a special low price of $14.95. After March 15, 2001 the price will go up. Enjoy all the benefits of fresh clean breath at a special low price.

You can't lose

Smile with confidence. Finally enjoy fresh, clean breath. Experience new found confidence as you talk to colleagues and friends without worrying about embarrassing bad breath. Get close to loved ones with truly kissable breath.

No more spending hard earned money on useless breath mints, gums, and mouthwashes. In just seconds a day with the BreathAID tongue cleaner you attack bad breath at the source ensuring the freshest breath possible.

Enjoy the full richness and flavor if foods by liberating your taste buds. Not only that but you ensure your health by eliminating the bacteria which cause gingivitis, strep throat, and which can even cause heart related illnesses.

Best of all you risk nothing. If you do not feel that the BreathAID tongue cleaner has done wonders for your breath just return it within six months of purchase for a full refund. No questions asked. Our guilt free 100% money back refund couldn't be any easier. You get great smelling kissable breath risk free.

If you would like to start enjoying fresh breath,
Tongue Cleaner