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Talking And Texting Could Cost Your Car Insurance
By Andy Adams
In recent years there have been many stern warnings about not using mobile phones whilst driving, this came to a head last year when the UK government made it illegal to operate a mobile phone in a vehicle without the use of a hands free kit or headset. It’s completely understandable as many road traffic accidents have been caused in recent years due to negligence because someone was too busy tapping LOL into their mobile phone to pay attention to the traffic in front of them.

If you look when driving on the roads or motorways you’ll see at least one person with a phone glued to the side of their face, even in these days of the police on the look out for these law breakers you will see them flaunting the fact that they’re a danger on the road, even more so as they’ll be looking over their shoulder for the boys in blue to catch them.

Well since the threat of driving bans and fines isn’t getting through to them it seems like one insurer has taken on the onus of stopping mobile phone drivers by declaring recently that anyone who is with them and gets a conviction for using a mobile phone whilst driving will receive a massive increase in their insurance premiums.

How much will their car insurance increase by? Try 30%, a very unattractive prospect for many of these people as they typically tend to be people who need their cars for work. Whilst it can be argued that since this is the only insurer to adopt this stance they may not be alone. When it boils down to it the facts don’t lie; people who have driving convictions are a greater risk to insure and so those who have driving convictions can expect a high premium.

The department for Transport estimate that people who operate a phone whilst driving are four times more likely to have an accident, as well as this a survey conducted amongst drivers cited that 58% of drivers thought
mobile phones were the biggest distraction to drivers. Many people cite that you are more likely to have an accident by being distracted by a mobile phone than being intoxicated, reaction times were tested and people using a mobile phone were 30% slower than a person under the influence of alcohol a shocking statistic indeed.

Hopefully other car insurance firms will adopt this tough stance too; by increasing the cost for driving with a mobile phone it is surely going to make these idiots see sense. In future there is every chance that when you go in search for car insurance quotes that you’ll be asked if you have any convictions and mobile phone related convictions will be there along side ignoring traffic signals, DUIs and other crimes.

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