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Major Medical Health Insurance - Protects You Against Other People Too
By Duncan Roberts
A lot of us, I'm sure, think that medical insurance is "not needed just now." Either we're too young to be bothered by prepping up for something that 'might' happen or we believe we are highly unlikely to ever need major medical help - so why bother paying huge premiums for a service we'll probably never need.

Well - I hear you. Your a sensible person, you don't do anything too wild. You drive carefully, so you'll probably never have an accident. You watch what you eat, you exercise and keep fairly fit and you tend not to partake in extreme sports. (Well, that's so long as you don't count having extra chile peppers on your pizza as extreme!)

Fine - you're okay then.

Oh - let me introduce you to Nigel.

Nigel likes to live on the edge. He's always found that other people are a bit dull and boring and he likes to spice things up for them.

Now, Nigel thinks he's a really good driver. I mean the bus he hit last week - that wasn't his fault you know. It just stopped suddenly at a bus stop. He was trying to change the radio station at the time and didn't see what was happening but it's okay, not much damage to his car or the bus. They are both made of metal so they are okay, really.

Nigel also thinks it's really funny when he goes out with his mates to spike their drinks. He lets them get drunk, doesn't tell them and then laughs really hard as they have trouble walking. He laughed really hard the other week when his friend tripped whilst under the influence of a Nigel Spiked Drink and smashed his head open on the edge of a table. Nigel said he's not sure if he laughed over just how much blood there was or because of how much pain his fried seemed to be in.

But Nigel had some bad news as well last week. His friends sister was shot accidentally in an attempted robbery. She was walking past the store when it was being held up - she didn't go in or anything - and everything kicked off inside and a shot came through
the window and shot her in the neck. It was terrible - real life and death stuff you normally only see on tv! She pulled through though, thank goodness. Thanks to the medical team as well - they were amazing, really competent and knew just what to do and when.

Any message or germ of a thought getting through here? Now I know this is supposed to be a humorous view of some things that could happen - but the thing is, they do actually happen to other people. You know they do, you read about strange and weird things happening to other people each and every day. They are real people, just like you.

And just like you - they are at the mercy of other people, other situations or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You might not hurt or injure yourself and you might not do anything to put yourself at risk - but others will, either intentionally or unintentionally, doesn't matter which.

It only matters if you don't have medical cover.

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