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Save Money On Your Motorcycle Insurance
By Victoria Cochrane
Whether you ride a moped or scooter to get around town, or are a serious motorcycle enthusiast, it’s worth thinking about ways to reduce the cost of your insurance.

The first thing young or new motorcycle riders can do to pay less for their insurance is to obtain a full license. After completing the Compulsory Basic Training most new riders will be anxious to get out on the road. However, it’s worth attending a course with a Driving Standards Agency approved instructor and preparing to take your test if you want to get the best rate of insurance possible. Once a new motorcycle rider receives a full license they are likely to see a reduction in their insurance premium.

People who already have a full license and are over 21 have the option of taking an advanced motorcycle test which is offered by organisations such as the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). The IAM advanced motorcycling test examines the rider in question’s ability to ride their motorcycle safely at speed in a variety of different situations, including on motorways, on country lanes and in city traffic. Insurance companies may offer discounts on premiums to those who have passed this or a similarly recognised exam.

It also pays to think about how you ride, whether you’ve passed your full test or are still learning. Riding safely and adhering to the Highway Code reduces the chance of being involved in an accident and can therefore improve the chances of earning a no claims discount when it comes time to renew the insurance policy. A speeding conviction is also likely to mean higher insurance costs so staying within the speed limit is also a great way of keeping insurance premium costs down.

Keeping your motorcycle safe and
secure may also help to reduce the cost of your cover. However, before fitting a security device to your motorcycle, make sure the device is approved by your insurer as fitting an unapproved device could render your policy invalid if your motorcycle is stolen. Where your bike is left at night may also have an impact your insurance policy. If you’re able to keep it in a locked garage for example, this may earn you a lower premium.

The final thing to remember when trying to save money on your motorcycle insurance is to compare as many quotes as possible. If you’re looking at quotes with similar prices make sure you compare the excesses that apply to each policy. Looking at the benefits or options a policy offers is also important, as you should only pay for the cover you need personally.

By taking all of the above factors into consideration, you could save a considerable amount on your motorcycle insurance.

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Victoria Cochrane is a freelance writer for both online and print media. She lives with her husband and son, and enjoys travelling when not writing.

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