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20 Reasons You Should Go Organic In 2008
By temp
One popular choice among people who care about themselves and the environment is organic foods. Organic foods are planted, grown, and harvested without any chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. This is a total approach to achieve a natural, nutritious and healthy eating of foods that are grown and harvested organically. And here are the following reasons why you should go organic this year.

1. Foods that are produced organically are not treated with any fertilizers, pesticides or other harmful chemicals that may leave high residues in our foods. This is because fertilizers and pesticides are not only poisonous to pests, but they are also highly poisonous to us.

2. Organic farms that grow organic foods do not use any antibiotics or additives that increase the risk of health problems as well as increase the risk of impairing our immune systems.

3. Organic farming promotes healthy welfare of animals resulting to healthier treatment and healthier conditions.

4. Organic farming supports our wildlife and environment, lowering the risk of dangerous waste and pollution and promotes fertile crops and soils.

5. Organic foods are a way to prepare for our future, because it promotes a better environment and a better life for us and our children.

6. Organic foods are said to taste even better than the foods that were grown non-organically, because organic foods have lots of natural moisture.

7. Organic products fulfill more stringent standards to make sure that there are no toxic chemical inputs.

8. Organic foods are so great tasting, because of the fresher and healthier ingredients used.

9. Organic products have none or minimum health risks because they are free from harmful chemicals.

10. Organic farms respect our environment’s water resources because there are no harmful chemicals such as nitrogen leaching.

11. Organic farmers promote a healthy soil which is the keystone to a healthy food chain.

12. Organic farmers are very well in sync with Mother Nature, because it promotes a healthy ecosystem.

13. Organic producers lead the way to innovative research.

14. Organic producers work hard to preserve a healthy diversity by collecting
and preserving different seeds and growing different varieties for different decades.

15. Organic farming helps to have a healthy rural community.

16. There is abundance for organic food and non-food products.

17. Organic products and organic farming protect today’s generation, as well future generations.

18. Did you know that organic foods and organic farming uses about 30 percent less energy and is good for the water, soil and local habitat. So, it would definitely be a good thing to support local farming and eat your local produce that have been grown organically.

19. Promoting Biodiversity. Try looking at any organic farm and appreciate the buzz of an insect, or any activity of any animal. These promote thriving and diverse habitats. Reforestation should be and is promoted by organic farming.

20. Going organic would probably be the best gift you could give to yourself and to your family – with the countless benefits for health and for the future of the environment.

Products for organic body care, organic skin care and organic aromatherapy are all over the Internet. If you are looking for online retailers that carry a lot of organic products, try searching for the keywords of the items you are looking for and you would surely have an endless list to choose from.

Alchemilla ( ) is an organic skin care ( ) and aromatherapy company. Their skin care formulations are prepared in-house with herbal extracts that they create using low temperatures and direct solar energy. They embrace and practice conscientious, environmentally sound manufacturing processes using as many local, sustainable resources and eco-friendly options as possible. The Alchemilla organic skin care range is designed to satisfy organics consumers’ desires for a locally made, high quality skin care product that will deliver its promise of a more healthy, vitalized, youthful looking complexion.

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