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Building A Green House Has Endless Benefits
By Al Zan
Energy and cost efficiency are two perks of building using green architecture and design. Although the initial costs of building a green house may top those of a conventional home, expenditures can be made up in reduced utility bills. One way in which building a green house is more efficient than building a standard house is in the reduced consumption of electricity.

Alternative energy sources can be used in building a green house. Using wind turbines can be one way to create electricity in green homes. Solar panels are an additional way to power electricity in a green house. Gas and coal power are steadily increasing in price, but it will probably have little effect on those installing green technologies. The only costs in using solar and wind power are the materials and installation costs. Luckily, sunlight and wind are both free resources that are abundant and endlessly renewable! Building green houses with wind turbines and solar panels can be both environmentally friend and economical as sources of power.

A gray water system is another design concept that can be used in building a green house. Gray water systems are more efficient because they use water from one area of household and recycle it elsewhere in the dwelling. For instance, using a gray water system could allow green home residents to collect water used while showering for watering a garden or flushing toilets! Unnecessary water waste is decreased in recycling water throughout the home from day to day. Reducing the carbon footprint of a home and saving money on water utilities are two benefits afforded by using state of the art gray water system technologies.

When building
a green house, design and building materials are main factors to consider. Recycled or salvaged materials are an option in building a green house. Green house designs can incorporate recycled or salvaged materials for almost every need, including flooring, roofing and even insulation! Recycled and salvaged materials have the double benefit of being both more cost effective and in many cases, more durable than other kinds of building materials. Locally salvaged building materials are even more beneficial in reducing the carbon footprint of a home. In building a green house, using building materials obtained locally is better for the environment because they do not require as much energy to manufacture and transport.

Temperatures within a green house can be regulated by building with different kinds of architecture. Design which increases exposure to sunlight and heat retention is possible with green architecture and would benefit those building in cold climates. In warmer climates, a comparable principle of design can be used in building a green house. By harnessing biomass from beneath the surface of the Earth as well as limiting sun exposure, those in warmer climates can keep cool. The ways to reduce carbon footprints while saving money are truly endless when building a green house!

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