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Lg Chocolate Mobile Phones: Mark Of Elegance
By Austindavid
Today, mobile phone market is flourishing with the new product variation, promotional suppliers and event marketers. There, LG products are no behind, as the latest LG series of chocolate mobile phone is beating the market with other products. LG chocolate mobile phones series is throbbing heart of millions by its exclusive features like sharp design; satisfying user with its overall performance; and a multimedia-rich feature equipped with a Megapixel camera, high-end connectivity with the Bluetooth and MP3 for over coming the boredom.

Focusing on the LG chocolate mobile phones it’s would be true to say that it has bring innovation in terms of ergonomics, with its ultra slim design and illuminated keyboard, endowed with a futuristic touch-pad technology. The cheap LG chocolate mobile phones comes in 256K TFT LCD screen which adds attractiveness by offering the user to perceive application through touching sense followed by touch sensitive light enhanced keys.

To explain the structure of the LG chocolate mobile phones it can be brief with the dimensions of 95mm in length, 48 mm in wide and 15.2mm in thickness. In terms of design, the phone is very sleek and weighs only 83 grams.

User is amazed with integrated 1.3 megapixel camera which helps them to take photo at maximum resolution of 1280×960. Well, considering the multimedia features it adds special effects to pictures which include sepia, black and white, solari and negative. The picture quality of LG chocolate is outstanding! Pictures taken by the LG Chocolate is very clear mainly due to the built-in light and low noise level. Video recording with as many as 15 frames per second gives you high quality footage
of anything you care to capture. Moreover, user can enjoy the feature of sending and receiving photo by activating MMS.

Stylish handset with slide opens mechanism too offers its user with the integrated media player, which relieves you when u are in tension or idle as it supports music in the MP3, AAC, AAC+, AAC++ and WMA formats. In the LG chocolate user can issue voice commands through the Advanced Voice Recognition technology. User enjoys capturing photos and downloading songs as LG Chocolate mobile phone has a total storage capacity of 128Mb.

LG chocolate mobile phones not only offers its user with camera and integrated music but too let the user to go wireless with the Bluetooth wireless. With the Bluetooth user transfers the data in shorter distance and go online by connecting your laptop or PC over Bluetooth using the Dial-Up-Networking feature. LG chocolate mobile phones offers it user with the tri-band connectivity equipped with GPRS, WAP 2.0 browser, email client and other connectivity options like USB and Bluetooth.

Austin David is associated with Contract Phones.He holds a master's degree in electronics and communication from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. To know more about LG chocolate, Contract mobile phone, cheap LG chocolate, Buy LG Chocolate please visit

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