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Be A Successful Property Investor By Avoiding Affairs

One of the single and most financially damaging and value destroying things in life for a property investor is divorce. If you want to loose half your money then get into a losers low growth mode, the fastest way to this is to get divorced. You might wrongly believe you will have more money and free time if you got divorced, but you will almost certainly find the opposite. You will be on your own, looking after yourself, with no moral or any other support, with half your wealth or even less, large legal bills, distractions, loss of self esteem and very large maintenance bills - that is if you are lucky! Don’t hide things. If you believe you are doing the honourable thing by hiding things from your wife, you will probably find one day that this strategy backfires. It is particularly true of financial problems. If you can see a financial problem in connection with your property investment business occurring in perhaps four months time, give your wife advance warning. Do not try to hide it. If she gets a surprise after the problem has arisen, she will be livid, something to do with the nesting instinct. It is like being a mother bird and one day, you fly back to your chicks and find the nest has gone because the father bird had not told the mother bird he had to sell it to pay of some of the bills. It is best to warm the mother bird up well in advance and then she will have the chance to help solve the problem, or at least react to it. Perhaps she will spend less on the credit cards! Don’t have affairs! If you think you can have an affair and keep it secret, you are mistaken. The minute someone spots you, it will get back to your wife some time or other. This is also true the other way around of course. To cheat on your partner is a pretty sad thing to do. You would also be cheating on your children as well. If you get a rush of blood one day, hold back and let the hormones settle and think again. If you are already a millionaire property investor then one kiss or one photograph could loose you half your hard earned money! It is a massive business risk. It can collapse your property empire. Do not do it, even if you want to end everything. And, once you are caught, the divorce lawyers will have a field day! You will not have a leg to stand on. You will be the loser.

And remember, women back winners not losers!

And if you do have a relapse and have an affair, then tell your wife. It is likely she we stay with you but remember she will never ever forget it or forgive you for it. She might not talk about it, but she will always have to live with this. It is also true the other way around. Once you've proved you are capable of such behaviour, it is human nature to not trust again. It is rather logical and statistical. Once a cheat a person is likely to stay a cheat! Same with winners and losers! Treat your partner with respect. It is a common thread throughout humanity people need to be treated with respect. Listen, communicate and treat your partner with positive respect. Failure to do this will affect the self respect of your partner, make them feel insecure and eventually they will want to leave you. They will read these negative vibes and act but then it will be too late. It is very important to treat your partner as you like to be treated yourself, that is with respect. Mirror while you communicate. Try this one, copy the body language of your partner and smile a lot, laugh, joke and make your partner feel very special. Notice the difference in how they respond to you. If you are positive, happy and listen to them, ask them questions, you will find your relationship will improve significantly. Remember, if you cannot develop your relationship and it ends up in the divorce courts, your precious property investment business will end their too. Business Risk. Finally the economic truth. A major business risk for private property investors is divorce. Manage the risk and follow the tenants of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. Winners stay married. Manage your wife like a business risk. It will take time, energy, focus and effort. But it is well worth it, if it succeeds!

The author of this article is Andrew Stefanczyk. Andrews runs a website for property investors at He has also managed a successful property investment business for fifteen years and twenty years later is still married to the woman he met when she was just 15.

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