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Can You Afford To Ignore These Five Symptoms Of Impending Heart Disease?
By Clark Haroldson

Think about your heart this way, it’s like a big pump, and a big pump needs big amounts oxygen and nutrients.

It needs large quantities of both in order to survive. It has to get its oxygen and nutrients from your blood because it doesn’t have a direct line to your lungs. When your arteries get clogged (as they do through our western diet) they also get narrowed. This narrowing restricts the flow of blood through the passageways which are the arteries. So if the flow is restricted then the amount of oxygen is reduced and the heart has to pump harder to get the oxygen it needs. It has to work very hard indeed.

The heart is doing all it can to pump to maximum but a reduced delivery of oxygen and nutrients establish a vicious circle. Harder and harder work causes heart stress. When you get to this point you are either heading for damage to your heart because of a lack of oxygen and nutrients, or stroke caused by a blockage, or even a massive heart attack! Of course you may be one of the lucky ones that survive a heart attack or stroke but you can just as easily die from both. Some die on the spot others get a second chance. Arteries can recover if you do something about them. That was my discovery. My health recovered, my energy levels increased and I returned to my much loved sports.


male symptoms for heart attack generally tend to be a squeezing pain in the centre of the chest, a prolonged heavy pressure in the chest cavity, just behind the sternum. Women hardly ever suffer this way what tends to happen to them is back pain about on the level with the heart but they could just have a little shortness of breath and a sweating sensation not unlike the menopause symptoms. Have you ever played Russian Roulette? You know the game. One round in the chamber, spin the chamber, point the gun at your temple, and pull the trigger. Now honestly you wouldn’t dream of doing that would you, and yet if you ignore the warnings and don’t do something about clearing those blocked arteries then Russian Roulette is exactly the game you are playing with your life.

•Chest pain after emotional stress or physical exertion. •Numbness or heaviness in legs or arms. •Fingers and toes that often go cold. •Tingling sensations in the lips or fingers. •Breathlessness after only slight exertion or lying down.

These five signs are warning you take action and reverse the condition that exists within your arteries. Don’t delay, act today! Clark says; find out more tips secrets, and useful information on health and your heart by signing up for his FREE newsletter at.

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